Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Another show I've been watching is American Idol 5. I used to watch only the auditions but forget about it totally when the contest proper starts. But now, I found myself hooked on watching what happens to the contestants. I am totally supporting Taylor Hicks. I like how the guy takes things, and he also sings well, unique song choices too. If you watch a local singing competition, man, the same old songs, same old sad stories, contestants playing it SAFE, SAFE, SAFE! It's very tiring to watch... add the screaming hostess to that formula and you have an excruciating show. BLEH!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

This is Madness...

From November last year to the present day, I've been collecting DVDs. And during the first 3 months, I spent around P22K getting the titles I wanted to have. I have been lucky in some of my purchases, with some titles costing around P200 only like my Last Samurai 2-disc DVD. It's a good thing I became a member of a Pinoy DVD Forum where I got some of my best value and Region 1 DVDs. Recently, I got The Corpse Bride Collector's Edition (P1,200 with Victor and Emily figures commemorating the DVD release) AND The Corpse Bride Deluxe Edition (P599 with lenticular cover slipcase, Storybook and magnets. Call me crazy for buying the 2 editions... but both have their pros and cons. This movie gets better after multiple viewings. Another purchase last month was The Polar Express with a snow globe (at P750, it's a steal), I have never seen this CG movie and I had really no expectations but surprisingly, I enjoyed it. Even watched it 3 times! Perhaps I had nothing to watch then. I ordered Gladiator Extended Edition (R2/Japan Release) online. The local release was slightly more expensive even with the shipping costs so it was definitely better, quality-wise and practically.
Even though I'm not a fan of the Matrix, I bought the Ultimate Matrix Collection since it was offered for sale for only P1,500. Would you believe?! P1,500 for a 10-disc set?! That's crazy! So am I! And for some weird purchases, I got Cutie Honey (live action), Seven Swords (not really weird), Pinoy Big Brother 1-3. Surprisingly, I still don't have the LOTR Extended Edition sets... YET. Sigh... aside from bills... this is where most of my funds go.

Favorite DVD titles in my collection:
> Star Wars Trilogy (R1)
> Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith (R1)
> Gladiator Extended Edition (R2/Japan)
> Serenity (R3 has bad packaging)
> Corpse Bride (both editions)
> House of Flying Daggers (R3/Korea release/Plexiglass case)
> The Nightmare Before Christmas SE(R1)
> Fantastic Four (R1)


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

All Fours

4 Jobs I’ve Had In My Life
- Komiks Illustrator (GASI)
- Manga Illustrator/Graphic Artist (Questor)
- Manga Illustrator (Seven Seas) - Parang pare-pareho lang to a.
- Taga-lagay ng iron ring sa sipit ng sinampay (the ring that connects the 2 plastic parts)

4 Movies I Could Watch Over And Over
- Star Wars:ROTS
- Serenity
- Star Wars:TESB
- Godfather 2

4 Places I’ve Lived
- Daet, Camarines Norte
- Maloolos, Bulacan
- Caloocan
- In front of my PC

4 TV Shows I love to watch
- Lost
- Blind Date (Fun!)
- Air Crash Investigation on Nat'l Geo (now I'm afraid to fly)
- News... when I get a copy of Firefly tv series, baka 'un.

4 Places I’ve Been On Vacation
- Puerto Galera
- Baguio
- Subic
- in my sleep

4 Websites I Visit Daily
- Yahoo
- Blog
- DeviantArt
- PinoyDVD

4 of My Favorite Foods
- Yellow Cab's Roasted Garlic and Shrimp Pizza din
- Yellow Cab's Hot Wings
- Arrabiata pasta from Pasto
- Jolibee ChickenJoy

4 Places I'd Rather Be Right Now
- US
- Japan
- Korea
- Skywalker Ranch

4 Bloggers I'm Tagging
- I actually don;t know anyone else who blogs except the people tagged by Meowok.
It's sad, I know.

Monday, February 20, 2006


I watched this movie with great expectations. I've heard a lot of good things about this movie written and directed by Joss Whedon.I wasn't able to see the tv series Firefly since it wasn't shown here but I'm working on that. Anyway, I wasn't disappointed with what I saw. Serenity is the name of the ship with a crew of six led by it's captain, Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds (Nathan Fillion). I won't go into a movie review here, but I loved how it was written. And listening to Joss Whedon's commentary was fun and perhaps, one of the best commentaries on dvd I've heard so far. Anyway, watch it if you have time. It's a fun ride, sort of combining Star Wars, Star Trek, Pitch Black and a good dose of Western influences thrown in. It is a sci-fi western after all. The DVD features hilarious outtakes, deleted scenes, Future History - The Earth That Was, What's in a Firefly, Re-lighting the Firefly and an easter egg called We'll have an Oaty Good Time and A Filmaker's Journey.

This is now one of my FAVORITE movies!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Now, it's my CDROM that's been having problems. Sigh. I'm tired.

< Just thought the instructions were funny.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Of Mascots and Men

Little known facts about me:

1. I was once Mocchi the mascot from Monster Rancher. Too bad I don't have a picture but it sure was fun while I was inside the suit. I felt liberated and had no shame whatsoever. I approached kids, more kids and of course... the ladies! Heheh! But afetr the gig, when I took off the suit, I was smelling like a used sock, all sweaty and smelly. And after that, I had a date. Haha!
2. I watch Pinoy Big Brother... and wanting to buy the DVD Collection. (DONE)
3. My friends and I used to play American Football with a piece of dried wood as our football. Soon after, we bought ourselves a professional-sized ball, but stopped playing almost immediately since the ball was too big for us.
4. My Nintendo Famicom was a prize from a Hero Designing contest where I got my first job at 14 years old.
5. I used to pamper my hair. Having hot oil treatments every month/every other month. And I had red highlights once when I was treated with Cellophane, I didn't know it had color. Now, I have receding hairline but I still love my hair.
6. I finish games in a day if it's really good.
7. I used to have a lot of shoes. Now, they're replaced by DVDs and toys.
8. I usually run out of spending money.
9. I don't wear denim jeans.
10. I unconsciously collect FHM Phils mags.
11. The first CD I bought was TakeThat Greatest Hits, first cassette was A Dozen Alternatives
12. I don't like fish
13. I don't like my rice mixed with the viands.
14. I don't like smelly hands.
15. I hate sweating. I hate hot weather, I'd rather have it cold and wear jackets. At least you can do something about the cold, with hot weather, strip and you dont have more options to cool yourself down.

After reading that... who cares, right?


These are some really cool, unbelievable, jaw-dropping videos for you to enjoy. And serves as inspiration for my new project. Parkour in action! There's nothing quite like it!


Thanks to Gem for the link. Honestly, I wanna do this myself but I can't risk breaking my wrist.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Deep Thinking...

While heating up my lunch in the microwave oven, I checked out my stash of bottled tea. But it wasn't cold enough so I thought to myself, "Shouldn't there be an opposite of the microwave oven?!" Like a chilling machine where in a few seconds, you can have your ice-cold tea, etc?! That would really be useful especially with the coming summer. And it'll be a hit at bars and restos for sure! Someday, maybe, hopefully. Ahh... deep.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sad Day

It's a sad day today at the ABS-CBN camp. More or less 79 people were killed and hundreds wounded in a stampede early morning before the first year anniversary show even started. I've been watching Wowowee for months now because I truly feel that the show helps a lot of people in need. And the show is always fresh having ordinary people showcase their talents or lack thereof... but it's still a fun show to watch. And I truly feel happy for those people they have helped and here, we can truly see how a true pinoy acts towards their fellow pinoys. There was a time when I cried watching it, a labandera who competed against the regular contestant (Bigat10) asked for a balato from the contestant, just enough for a ride home. Willie asked how much she needed and she honestly said, Just P50 will be enough. And the contestant politely answered, I'll give you P100, no problem. And then, the most amazing thing happened, people lined up and gave the woman money, in dollars, peso, everything! They hugged her, kissed her, I guess they were touched with her honestly as I was. And I cried having witnessed what a true Pinoy can do to help others. How I wished our politicians were like them. So I support this show 100%. I'd rather watch ordinary people dance and sing and bring a smile to my face than watch some old comedians act GAY everyday.
Let's all pray for those who died and the families they left.

Friday, February 03, 2006


At long last! my rig is complete! Video card is here and working, RAMs complete, everything's here and working! And I even got myself a webcam... for what, I dunno! I just felt it would make my setup more complete! Hehehe!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Stumbled Upon

I've been using Firefox as my main browser for a couple of years now. But since getting a DSL connection, it's only now that I've been getting more for this amazing browser. Add-ons, extensions, themes, etc. And I just got this very useful add-on called Stumble! With it, you create an account and put in your topics of interest and it installs a toolbar in your Firefox. When you click on the Stumble button, it enters a site based on your interests and so far, I've been to a lot of really interesting sites that I won't be able to find without the help of Stumble! It's a highly recommended add-on, and so's Mozilla's Firefox! Get it if you want something different.