Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Had time to watch Bourne Ultimatum yesterday and I think its a good conclusion to a pretty good action trilogy. I love how he outwits other agents and stuff. One thing though, I really hate how hollywood is exploiting the shaky-camera way of shooting. Sure, it adds tension but when you dont see and understand whats happening with all the shakes... while zoomed in on unnecessary objects like say, a car door while there's a car chase scene and you get dizzy from looking at all the shakes and trying to figure out whats happening. It just makes me sick. So while I appreciate all the tension and the sort of "I'm-there-in-the-scene-taking-part-of-the-action" feeling, it just hurts the movie when all you see are camera shakes. I swear there were just 3 scenes where the camera was steady... okay, I'm exaggerating, there were only 2. Even when they were just talking, the camera cant seem to be steady. The worse scene here was the chase in Morocco, and the fist fight between Bourne and Desh. It seems whatevr they choreographed for those scenes, its a wasted effort since I didn't see anything. All shakes. Hate it.
It was a very good film though. Except for the shakes. I went out of the theater with a slight feeling of vomit.

Monday, August 13, 2007

A Realization

I have never been to a facial care center and had a facial treatment ever. And I don't know what's gotten into me but I decided to try and have one. And while being treated... I realized one thing... people are masochists! My goodness! It f**kin' hurts! And people pay for this?! Man, it was so embarrassing having your tears wiped off for you by someone you don't know. I'll probably have second thoughts if I'm going to go through that painful experience again. But then again, no pain, no gain... anything for vanity, I guess. But my face does feel smoother and less oily... hmm.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

That Time of the Year

Wow! Is it that time of the year again?! The time to update this blog?! Hehe! I've been busy with all sorts of things so I haven't had the time to write... not that anyone reads this anyway, except some of my friends who also blog. Anyway, work, work, work is all I do but I still make time to watch my current anime favorites namely: Darker Than Black and Guren Lagann!

My sister and i started watching DTB a couple of months ago... right after Heroes' Season 1 finished. And the series really felt like Heroes where characters known as Contractors have really cool powers. But each Contractor has an obeisance/remuneration they have to fulfill whenever they use their power. Some of these obeisances are really weird and funny. An example is, one guy has to smell socks after using his power! Sick! Other obeisances include, lining up pebbles in a perfect square, eating a flower, writing a poem, etc. This is really a cool show to watch, and the story as it progresses grow darker and deeper.
Guren Lagann is a new series premiered in April by Gainax! I'm not really into super robots but the interesting style and humor made me stick to it. After all, I finished GunSword and that also has mecha in it. So what the heck. And I must say, I love this series! The first episode isn't really spectacular but give it another episode or two and you'll be hooked for sure.

I also watched Paprika. Excellent animation and the story is ok. At first, I can't grasp the story. Perhaps, I was just preoccupied with looking at the art and animation, I barely looked at the subs. haha!