Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Smart BROken

We've been waiting for our DSL connection for about a month or so. After constantly following up the application with PLDT, they suggested we apply for Smart BRO in the meantime. I had wireless DSL when we were in Caloocan and even though I experienced disconnections from time to time, it was tolerable. So I heeded PLDT's advice and applied for Smart BRO. And it was AMAZING that the next day, the Meridian (company commissioned by Smart for receiver installations)GUY, yes, just one guy, came to our place and installed the receiver. But it seems that luck wasnt on my side and Smart's portal was down so he can't activate my account. He'll be back the next day to activate it, he sez. And true ti his word, he came back and did jut that. Alas! DSL within my reach. But immediately after he was gone, I experienced intermittent signals and was unable to surf. This went on for 3 days. I hope today will be different. I'm sure the customer service representatives know me already. I've been calling them for 3 days straight. Don't mess with the 2ngaw or else... uhm... BASTA!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Scrub-Free 7.0

I've been meaning to buy myself a new pair of shoes. And SM's 3-day SALE just gave me the opportunity to get one. I used to have lots of shoes and loved them. But being busy at home and having lots of diferent things I want to collect like comics, DVDs, toys, etc, I seem to have neglected that love for shoes. Until now. I wasn't able to find a pair on the SALE section, probably because I never looked really hard because when I entered the shop, i fell in love. My eyes were focused on one pair only, everything was in slow motion, I walked to it and reached for it. Sparks flew when my hands touched the rubber, it was love. Without second thoughts, I asked the lady to get me a pair with my size, turns out they don't have any, it's the last pair... I tried it out and it fits! It was destiny. We were meant to be together. Haha! It's a black and yellow Nike Free 7.0... now I'm thinking of getting the whole line. I'm sure I won't find the others. I saw 4.0 and 5.0 only. Gotta save up.
My sister bought Scrubs DVDs but they don't play in her a/v system so she tried playing it on mine. It worked perfectly so I tried watching it with her. And you know what? I loved it! It was funny. Although a bit too impossible... everyone in the hospital is sarcastic, even the patients! Really funny.
Just got myself V for Vendetta DE DVD. I also liked the movie, very appropriate. Another thing I liked about the movie is the fact that they didn't show what's beneath the mask. I often get disappointed with how thay look when they take off masks. An example is Vader, I was expecting a horrible burnt face beneath but when they took it off, there was Sebastian Shaw's(bless his soul) kind face filled with white makeup. It was a touching moment though, "Luke, let me look at you with my OWN eyes." sniff. I wish I could have a Guy Fawkes mask, that'd look great with my Darth Vader mask. I love characters with masks.