Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Monday, April 30, 2007

Drive has been Parked

After 3 weeks and 4 episodes, I just found out that Drive (starring Firefly's Nathan Fillion) has been canceled by the Fox Network. This is sad news for those who's just starting to appreciate how good this series might be if it was given a chance to continue racing and shine. It must be frustrating for Nathan Fillion to have 2 tv series canceled even before the first season ended. First, there was Firefly and I really loved that show also. That is not to say he isn't good though, I love the guy. But with Heroes being at the same time as Drive (not sure about this since I don't live in the US, I just read that they were), it really doesn't have a fighting chance since Heroes has a biiig fan base already.
Well, I hope the other episodes find their way to its fans like me. Like Firefly did with the DVD which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Sweating It Out

I have never enjoyed summers even when I was a kid... coz I hate the heat! And now it's become unusually hot, so unbearably hot... and I am hating it even more! I'll say it again, I will hate summer forever! >:(
A beach filled with sexy babes in cute bikinis won't change my mind...
OK, I'll give it a try.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Attention Please

I had a bit of free time the past few weeks and I was able to catch up on games I wasn't able to finish and series I've been wanting to watch. Since Heroes won't be back til the 23rd of April, I wanted to watch something else before that day comes. Should I watch a US TV series? An anime series? Why not combine both worlds and watch a Japanese series... so I watched Attention Please, starring Aya Ueto (Azumi) who is cuteness personified. From the start, I knew I was going to enjoy this... I mean, it's Aya Ueto, and her character's personality is just right for me. I just luuurve girls with bubbly personalities. Well, the J-Drama's about a rocker chick who went to train as a "Cabin Attendant" after a dare by her fellow bandmate. As you can see, those may be 2 extreme careers to follow. From the start, she didn't fit in with the other trainees who were more "traditional" which is required to be a CA (from what I read, Japan doesn't use the term Stewardess which is for female Stewards. While a "cabin attendant" may be applied to both sexes... but actually, they really don't have male stewards on their flights... but who's complaining?! If they're as cute as Aya Ueto, I certainly wouldn't).

And when I was a bit younger, I really wanted to fly and be a pilot someday, it doesn't matter what plane I'd fly in, just fly in anything... a jet plane would be the best though. I was really looking forward to taking Aeronautics in college. Remember when we were in high school, colleges would come to school to discuss careers to help us decide what to take in college... well, I was all set, I was just waiting for the aeronautics school's seminar. And when it came, all things changed. They revealed that MATH was an important part of flying a plane, or at least, in the process of learning. I said to myself, "What the hell?! All I need is a steering wheel and a plane, right?" So there, all hope of being a pilot was lost... I hate math... and I gave up my dreams just to give in to that hate. Haha! Fact: even today, I haven't been on board a plane.... even while parked. Pathetic.

I also finished quite a lot of games the past few weeks. Some I started last year. Okami, Final Fantasy XXII and recently, God of War 2. I had a blast playing them, all of them had good stories to tell. You see, I play games for the stories, I don't play FPS... I do play Lumines. Hehe! Quite an addicting game and headache inducing.

I watched a few videos on YouTube also, especially about savants Kim Peek (The Real RainMan) and Daniel Tammet (BrainMan). These are amazing people that shows us what the human brain is capable of doing. It's absolutely mind-boggling.