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Monday, April 30, 2007

Drive has been Parked

After 3 weeks and 4 episodes, I just found out that Drive (starring Firefly's Nathan Fillion) has been canceled by the Fox Network. This is sad news for those who's just starting to appreciate how good this series might be if it was given a chance to continue racing and shine. It must be frustrating for Nathan Fillion to have 2 tv series canceled even before the first season ended. First, there was Firefly and I really loved that show also. That is not to say he isn't good though, I love the guy. But with Heroes being at the same time as Drive (not sure about this since I don't live in the US, I just read that they were), it really doesn't have a fighting chance since Heroes has a biiig fan base already.
Well, I hope the other episodes find their way to its fans like me. Like Firefly did with the DVD which I thoroughly enjoyed.


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