Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Monday, October 30, 2006


My sister and I watched The Grudge 2 in theaters earlier after going to church. The movie was okay, nothing much happened, to be honest. But that's not why I'm writing an entry, it's because of these damn inconsiderate moviegoers. The woman in front of us kept moving her head, covering 1/4 of the screen, a whole family kept rustling their plastic bags while eating something that's not to be eaten inside a moviehouse... things like palabok, dinuguan, kare-kare or something like that. A girl barkada who came in later, kept talking while finding their seats, when they did, they still kept on yakking while rustling their plastic bags filled with who knows, frozen meat. I swear, Pinoys are the most inconsiderate people on earth. Where the hell did we get this (ayan ha, sinama ko sarili ko even though I've been known to be really considerate.) attitude? And you now who're the ones who top this inconsiderate attitude list... OLD WOMEN. Yep, them again. My blog is beginning to sound like a Pinoy hate blog... but honestly, it's not. I'm sure if I stay in other countries, I'd find a lot of people there who has attitude problems of their own. But hell, Pinoys should really straighten up. It's not good to hear your fellow kababayans swindling other Pinoys in other countries. Man, have you no shame?! This is my grudge. What's yours?
Oh, I finally completed my Genshiken manga (Volumes 1-7 so far). Next up, Deathnote. I'm not really a manga collector but these series are really good. I can't help myself.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


There's a treaty between Japan and the Philippines. Japan will be accepting more of our export products and the acceptance of Filipino nurses in exchange for their WASTES. We can't even handle our own waste and this government had the nerve to offer our country as a trash bin. Now, I can say that this country has really went to an all-time low. That's really pathetic. Count me in the next plane to anywhere but here.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hentai in the Philippines!!! OH NO!!!

Last night, it was all over the news! "Sex-filled Anime Being Sold at Shops!" What will become of our holy country?!
Some people are just so uninformed... hentai animes(bootleg VHS tapes) were being rented since I was in high school. Why are they making a fuss now? Because it corrupts the minds of our children? Screw that. I don't really watch these H-animes anymore but what I'm fearing is the total ban on anime here in the Philippines. People just don't get that anime caters to different markets, knowing Pinoys, they'll just treat all anime as bad for the society. I remember a professor who hated students drawing in anime/manga-inspired styles, me being one of them. She sez how can we have our own identity in art if we just draw with BIG eyes, BIG heads, SMALL mouths and SPIKY hair. Man, thats just not the right way to view anime. In retaliation, I gave her gifts, VCDs of Jin-Roh, Blood, and some Hayao Miyazaki classics just to change her views on anime for just a bit. Jin-Roh counters her stereotype on anime about big eyes, and not every animated shows are meant for children, it can be serious too.
Well, this debate has been going on for quite some time now and its useless to change how people view certain things. Because Pinoys are so close-minded.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Good bye, CLOVER

Now for some sad news that a non-gamer would find useless. Capcom's Clover Studios has been dissolved. Although the development team has created innovative games like Viewtiful Joe, Okami (one of the greatest games,IMO), and the soon to be released Godhand, Capcom reported a loss of $3.3M. It is a sad day indeed since some of the people involved with Clover are the people responsible for giving us Resident Evil (Shinji Mikami)and Devil May Cry (Hideki Kamiya). Atsushi Inaba led Clover with 64 employees. I hope Clover will still produce great games as an independent company. Clover was formed in 2004.

Short Rant

My friend Addison mentioned that whenever I write about my rants, it's usually long. But when I write about good things, they're short. So here's a short rant entry.

I was watching Wowowee today and MYMP performed. I just gotta say this: MYMP, MAKE YOUR OWN FREAKIN' MUSIC PLEASE! MYMP classifies as N.P.M., Not-Original Pilipino Music. That goes for other Filipino balladeers as well. We don't need to hear your version of old/not-so-old songs which were already sung by hundreds of other singers.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

4 Years Old

Last October 8, Guia and I turned 4 years old together. To my Guia, thank you and I love you so much!

Isaaang Baaandila!

I attended 2 weddings in one week.
On the way to the second wedding, I finally spotted Rivermaya's Isang Ugat, Isang Dugo album. It's out! And I loooove it! It grew on me. Hehe! It's a great album!
CELEBRATE! A new album from the great Rivermaya! (Kamusta naman ang pagka-fan ko?!)

RIP, my long-time friend

Today, I say good bye to my Sony DAV-SA30 Remote Control. It was so sudden. We were having good times yesterday listening to music. At exactly 8:45am today, he can't be revived. I tried different batteries, but still no response. I hate it when this happens to me. Without the remote, I cannot have access to my electronics' settings. A universal remote just won't do.
Sigh, I guess I have no choice but to buy a Universal Remote... but having seen the movie Click, an ordinary one just won't cut it. Hehe!

Monday, October 09, 2006


I'm a big Rivermaya fan. No band I know has endured so much change in their history, both in their lineup and style. Rvermaya is one of the bands that made me support Filipino bands by buying original cassettes (high school, di ko pa kaya bumili ng CDs nun e.)and CDs. While I loved Rivermaya when Bamboo was still their vocalist, it was Rico Blanco's raw style that made me a fan... he was less "ballad-y".
3 years ago, "Between the Stars and Waves" was released. I loved it even though it sounded too much like Coldplay (who I also love listening to), I listened to it everyday until I can hum it in my head without thinking about it. I went to the record stores last October 3 to get myself a copy of Isang Ugat, Isang Dugo but I guess the release date was pushed further to October 10 or 11 according to the store. Damn! Today, I got myself a preview of 5 tracks in the album, all seemed like covers of other great bands' songs. Though they sounded great, I guess I was a little disappointed not hearing original Rivermaya compositions. But they really are good songs! Oh well, I'll still buy it, it IS Rivermaya. So guys, keep it up and hopefully, in a year's time, You'll have another album out, with original songs! You're still my favorite band! Let me know if you need an artist! Hehe! Shameless plug.

Favorite Rivermaya album: Free and It's not Easy Being Green

When I got my PLDTMyDSL, I was surprised with how fast it is, and how it can handle multiple downloads while browsing and watching internet tv at the same time without lags, etc. But after the typhoon Milenyo, it became slower, browsing is like using dialup, downloads now take 3-5 hours compared to less than an hour before the typhoon. Mny people are complaining about the service of PLDT, and I thought I was just lucky to have a stable, fast connection. But now, I understand their plight... nd I'm just not lucky when it comes to internet. My friend Belo who lives in the States, always told me the DSL here here slower than theirs even with the same speed plan. Which really solidifies the fact that here in the Philippines, we get BAD service in anything. It's the Pinoys' contentment of substandard things, the "pwede na yan" mentality that really makes companies abuse us and treat us like money cows. So I decided to make a list of Pinoy Substandard Services, feel free to tag yourselves and make your own lists. Everything here is crappy but I'll make a specific list.

Substandard/Crappy services/things in the Philippines:
- Smart BRO (talagang uunahin ko 'yan)
- Filipino foods (here's the deal with our food: Mix all the ingredients together, stir, DONE!), I love Caldereta though.
- ALL Government services. Try getting yourselves your SSS IDs, postal IDs, Birth Cert, etc.
- Claiming warranties on appliances/electronics, companies must be thinking, "You're not going to pay for it anyway so we'll treat you like CRAP."
- Fastfood restaurants' bird-sized servings
- Local TOYS... like PANDAY merchandise. Candle-makers beside the church are better at it.
- Buses (they're moving trash trucks with passengers, filled with roaches most of them)
- DSL (All DSL providers have complaints from their users so I guess it doesn't matter which provider you're in, we're all doomed... but Smart BRO wins by being the crappiest of them all.)

The Pinoys' selfishness. Some people would risk the safety of others just to get extra money. Example is fake cement or cement mixed with flour just to have more sacks to sell. That is just low. (I watch ABS-CBN's XXX to see how crappy Pinoys are just to get extra income.)
It may seem like I hate Pinoys but I don't. Actually, I WAS proud to be Pinoy but seeing things like this, it just makes me sink into shame. We Pinoys, we have to admit that we really don't have discipline in a lot of things.

BTW, one general rule here IS... DO NOT FALL IN LINE BEHIND AN OLD LADY! That's a proven fact! They're divas, they expect to be treated special, they are rude and impolite. STAY AWAY FROM OLD LADIES!