Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Tense TV

Earlier, I watched an episode of The Apprentice. Due to my hectic schedule (even when working at home) doing manga, I haven't been able to watch these shows regularly with the exception of Late Night with ConanO'Brien. The episode earlier was when Apex and Mosaic Corporations designed a bottle and marketing plan for a new Pepsi product called Pepsi EDGE. It apparently has the full flavor of regular Pepsi but with less calories (Diet Pepsi). They were asked to design a bottle to suit this new produc and image. I was particularly impressed with the Apex' design, with Mosaic's however, it was absurd. They missed the point of the product and took the catch phrase they thought of literally, "The best of both worlds!" And designed a bottle with a globe for design and even had a compass in the bottle cap. It was hilarious! Hehe! In the end, the project manager was fired due to his lack of self-defense when confronted by the two women he's working with. It was really tense and I enjoyed watching every minute of it since it took me to those years we were in college thinking about the same things. How to market this and that, design a new this and that. It was something I really missed. Bit hell, I enjoy doing what I do now.
Speaking of which, I'm finishing my contribution to Marco Dimaano's KIA. I must admit, it was long overdue. But I had my own deadlines to finish for NML so it really had to wait. I do hope to finish it before we start doing NML Vol. 2... which should be this week. Sigh. Busy late nights are here again for sure!

Sunday, January 16, 2005


Some of Arch. Charlie Go's impressive collection. I still have a long way to go... but I doubt I'll ever get there. Hehe!

Earlier, Belo and I went to meet up with an architect named Charlie Go. A Star Wars collector who I met at Robinson's Galleria while looking at Star Wars collectibles. We talked for a while and agree to look at his vast collection. So a week later, we finally went there and was completely blown away with the expansive cllection he has. You can see this man's passion for his collection and he even sculpts some of his masks and busts using fiberglass. I have never seen such dedication which I'm pretty sure started way back during the late 70's/early 80's. Lots of vintage collections on everything. You name it. LOTR, Xmen, Marvel Series, McDonald's collectibles, etc. He has em all. Well, probably not but he has a LOT! I was really thinking how he got all these, surely, these things aren't easy to find. So I was equally impressed with the expanse and the perseverance to find all these. Anyway, he's a good man, one can see the kindness in him. It's a shame that last year, he was held up and was hit in the head with a gun. You can even see an indentation to his head, probaly lost part of his skull in the incident. Well, I still have a long way to go to equal this man's passion. ANd I know I can't get there, it's impossible. But at least I'm quite happy with what I have. And with Arch. Go, he can help me expand my growing collection of Siths. I know he too, can't wait til May this year for Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. That will really be something! Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 09, 2005


After finishing Volume 1 of No Man's Land, I suddenly find myself not doing anything. Actually, I do have work to do but I have to get some rest! So tonight, Guia and I went out and watched Kung-Fu Hustle after a long time break from movies. Had a pretty good dinner at Cafe Mediterranean and talked to an old Star Wars collector. The old Virramall is being renovated but I'm sure it'll turn out pretty well. The place needs a facelift bad!
But being home and not doing anything is kind of a bore. I tried playing games, watching dvds old and new but after that, it all comes down to sleeping... which I think is a bit of a waste of time. There is so much to do in this world and sleeping only lessens the time you can do all those. Hehe!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


I just finished No Man's Land Volume 1, which will be out in stores on February 2005! Yipee! I can now breathe easy! I must admit, it hasn't been easy but it surely is rewarding! It gives you that sense of achievement! 150+ pages done in half a year isn't easy and God knows we should've finished earlier... a lot earlier! But I'm pretty satisfied with the results, it could be better but I guess, that improvement is for Volume 2. Well, wish me luck... and buy our manga when it comes out! ( *--waves hand doing the Jedi Mind Trick--* )

Sunday, January 02, 2005


The Scar Predator waiting for it's prey.

Here's one of my Predator figurines. I loved all the details each figure has (All 3 of them) but one gripe is that their bodies are the same. The armors are the same with some modifications here and there. But overall, The figures are very well done. I've taken a lot of pictures with these babies and of all the figures I have, these came out pretty well. Posted by Hello

Vader's side job when not trying to rule the universe. Posted by Hello

Happy Holidays

I find your lack of clothes disturbing...

It's been a while since my last post. The internet in my area has been kinda dodgy lately. Anyway, It's the start of a new year once again, time certainly passed by so swiftly. A lot has happened, of course. New things, new set of problems with the manga, with the PC, new acquisitions and new yearnings. What you see in the pic above is a gift from my sister(I gave her a Sony Ericsson K500i), a Darth Vader helmet, complete with sounds from the movie. Yes, it's a bit childish but if you've spent your whole life looking for a Darth Vader helmet to run around with, it certainly is a dream come true. Well, along with that, I added a few figures in my collection, I now have the Alien Vs. Predator set from McFarlane toys. A K700i and a Sony Home theater to complete life. Hehehe! The holidays have been quite hectic, shopping for gifts and working on the manga at the same time. I must say, giving is really better than receiving. But getting some doesn't hurt either. Heh! And I got a few delays on the manga project I'm working on but it's a good thing I've finished. Better late than never like they always say. And I do hope No Man's Land will sell a lot, if not a BIG hit. Anyway... time for me to sign off. I hope I could find time to update this blog... and I hope I'll have a more stable connection next time.
-- On a sad note, Questor has been discontinued. The staff has been given their separation fees during the holidays. Sad. I do wish the best for my friends at the Q bullpen, they deserve better jobs. My friends, I wish you luck. And I wish I won't have to walk that path also. That's why we have to plan the future already, because there is no steady job.Posted by Hello