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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy Holidays

I find your lack of clothes disturbing...

It's been a while since my last post. The internet in my area has been kinda dodgy lately. Anyway, It's the start of a new year once again, time certainly passed by so swiftly. A lot has happened, of course. New things, new set of problems with the manga, with the PC, new acquisitions and new yearnings. What you see in the pic above is a gift from my sister(I gave her a Sony Ericsson K500i), a Darth Vader helmet, complete with sounds from the movie. Yes, it's a bit childish but if you've spent your whole life looking for a Darth Vader helmet to run around with, it certainly is a dream come true. Well, along with that, I added a few figures in my collection, I now have the Alien Vs. Predator set from McFarlane toys. A K700i and a Sony Home theater to complete life. Hehehe! The holidays have been quite hectic, shopping for gifts and working on the manga at the same time. I must say, giving is really better than receiving. But getting some doesn't hurt either. Heh! And I got a few delays on the manga project I'm working on but it's a good thing I've finished. Better late than never like they always say. And I do hope No Man's Land will sell a lot, if not a BIG hit. Anyway... time for me to sign off. I hope I could find time to update this blog... and I hope I'll have a more stable connection next time.
-- On a sad note, Questor has been discontinued. The staff has been given their separation fees during the holidays. Sad. I do wish the best for my friends at the Q bullpen, they deserve better jobs. My friends, I wish you luck. And I wish I won't have to walk that path also. That's why we have to plan the future already, because there is no steady job.Posted by Hello


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