Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Free Time Products

Astonishing X-Men

i found some free time to draw a few thingsthat are not related to my work. I should be doing something else other than drawing but I think I can't get it out of my system anymore. Especially when I have a few things I want to draw myself. The X-men is one of those things. I'm satisfied with the results in this one, it's a good thing my Wacom was usable tonight, so I was able to use it and achieve this sort of "painted" look... just the way I like em. house of M is halfway through, althoguh the story seems to drag, it was never uninteresting. I just can't wait to learn more about this new Marvel crossover. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Killer Game

Iwazaru from Capcom's KILLER7

I just finished Capcom's Killer7. I loved it... this is one of those games that actually has a satisfying ending. At first though, I wasn't too impressed with the game, the controls are something to get used to but when you do, it's actually a lot of fun and I often catch myself kicking the air whenever a demon got me. It's not a hard game but you do get yourself in trouble sometimes. The concept of the story is very intriguing, I wish I could do a manga with this story. The image you see above was drawn by me. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Mail, Movies and the House of M

A lot has happened this week, first, copies of my manga has arrived and I had to get it from the local post office. Excited, I immediately went out to get them. While there in the post office, I really can't believe how rotten the place has become. You really feel unsafe when you're there. Package bags scattered everywhere, posters ripped, boxes that seemed to be untouched for centuries, broken windows and dripping roof, it's really disgusting, as if the Hulk was unleashed and tore the place apart. Even walking in the vast interior of the haunted building would bring images of being held up and no one would even notice. Anyway, I gave them the notice, the guy got the box and handed it to the "custom guy", he sez I have to pay fees and taxes for it. Okay, seems normal, I'm a law-abiding citizen... and when he finished computing, GASP! I have to pay P1,750! So having no choice but to pay up to get the package, I did. But then he sez, "Wait a moment, I'll take care of the customer next to you." I sat there, waited for a few minutes. I went back, and he asked me where I got the money. I told him it's mine, that I'm already working, in fact, the books inside the box are my work. Okay... he then sez, we can do something about it, I won't give you a receipt and you can just pay me P800. I thought to myself... well, that's corruption in your face. I got my package.
This week, I saw 2 movies, War of the Worlds and Fantastic 4. WOTW is a really suspenseful movie. I was quite surprised at the ending but hell, it makes sense. The movie wa so well-executed and everyone who worked on it did a very good job. I felt fear, what if it's true?! I can imagine myself cowering in a corner, building my own panic room (as if that would help). next, Fantastic 4... 'nuff said as Stan Lee would say it. It's not really bad, but it's not good also. The only redeeming factor in this movie is Jessica Alba's hot bod. And I liked Doom's metal mask. But as with other comic movies, it needed more story.
House of M number 3 will be out this Friday, I'm excited to read it!

Working on: No Man's Land Volume 2 and Psychonauts