Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Countdown to Extinction...

Tomorrow, I'll be heading back to the Big Red Dot. Time sure flies fast when you're home. While it was a really short vacation, I'm also glad I'm going back. To work, to walk the streets of Orchard, Bugis, see my IFS buddies and be with my partner, Guia. I'm sure it was hard for her while I was away.

One reason for being here is attending the wedding (3rd actually) of my pal Sherwin and his wife Claire. Also to see my godchild Sheriz who's their adorable baby. So yesterday was the big day for them and I wish them all the luck in the world and happiness together. Thank you for treating me as part of the family. See you all tomorrow on the flight back to SG.

Today, I watched Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I won't be reviewing it but I'll just say a few things about this flick. I appreciate how they tried to make this fit in the first trilogy, like making it look old and a bit outdated. The actors were obviously inside a soundstage in most scenes but it's okay. But that's the thing, when a CG element pops in the scene, it sticks out, looks out of place.


The first time I saw the CG prairie dog, all I could say was, "EH?!" I hope that was it... until I saw more of them, even fighting monkeys for Pete's sake. And why were the monkeys attacking the villain?! For no apparent reason as far as I can tell, except maybe because they felt Shia was one of them and they had to represent. It was a definite "what the fuck?!" moment for me. There were a lot of things that were just totally absurd and unbelievable, which should not be since Indy movies are supposed to be like that. But this takes the cake... freakin' unbelievable. For alien movies, I'll probably just watch the upcoming X-Files movie. I was a huuuge fan of the series as well as conspiracy theories about extraterrestrials during my youth. Back to Indy, the cast is still adorable and quite fun. But it all just feels like an introduction or a bridge to more Indy movies probably having Shia wearing Indy's fedora. We'll see. While i love Shia's performances, just end it, Indy is Harrison Ford, no one else.

You might be wondering what the hell's the title got to do with this post... it's sort of internal. No, no, I don't have a terminal illness, but it's something. Something we have to deal with in time... WTH?!

Here's the link to the Uniqlock:
I suggest getting the Cashmere Knit and the Dry Polo screensavers. The girls are cuuute!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back Home

I'm back home! Since the 16th actually, but I was too busy watching TV! I missed watching TV coz back in Singapore, we still don't have the budget to buy a good LCD TV. Priorities. First thing I ate here aside from my mom's home cooking is... Jollibee ChickenJoy! And I was quite surprised how food prices soared here. Everything actually, movies cost P160-170 now?! WTF happened?! Though if you think about it, SG movies cost more, around P300 if you convert it here in peso, but its different, the standards of living there are higher and you earn more than what you do here. So purchasing power is greater there than here. Here, you feel every P100 that escapes your wallet (escapes, not take out).
I really missed home, but if I really think about it. I just missed my family and friends. Not this hell hole of a country. It's not fair to compare but you really see it. Politics have not changed since I was last here. They're still talking about that ZTE deal that went wrong. And the perpetrators are still the same corrupt family who's caught red-handed but still tries to deny involvement. For other news, bank robbery, 10 dead, and 2 days later, another massacre in the same province involving killing a family with kids. Thats is just depressing and makes me appreciate the peace and safety of Singapore even more. I used to really watch the local news everyday, since Erap's downfall, I've been hooked and even watch court hearings religiously on ANC. But now, I've lost interest. It's like watching a sentai show. Every week, it's the same boss villains, different minion, same results every show.
I still have a few days before I go back so I intend to spend it well. It might take another 6 months for me to come back, maybe less, we'll see. But I do miss Singapore as well, my girlfriend who I left there, my friends, the studio, the food, the places, the weekends at Orchard and Bugis. Someday, I will take my family there and live peacefully permanently. That's the master plan. One step at a time.

Time for more TV.

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