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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Of Weddings and Funerals

On December 12, my best friend, Architect John Jasper Belo will tie the knot with long-time girlfriend Michelle Bonifacio. They've been together since 2nd year college and I'm glad that they hit the jackpot with each other. Of all the people I know, these two are the best-looking couple I've seen. And I remember being a "bridge" between these two during courtship. Ahh... those were the days. But now that their wedding is coming, all I wish for them is thebest! In everything! I know they've come so far and I believe that these two's love will last forever. Well, JMB, best wishes and better health!
Where does "funeral" in the title come in? Well, the past weeks has been rough for me. And I felt that I was dead to the world. Especially in my work. Since feeling the pressure of deadline, sometimes, my mind just goes blank and I'd just look at the blank page for minutes. Trying to get something done but can't. But now, the old Jen is back. I'll try to do more than 2 pages per day to meet my deadline and still have some free time for extra work on the manga. Well, wish me luck!
Too bad for me though, there's a lot of new games out right now. Metal Gear Solid 3: SnakeEater, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, Need for Speed Underground 2 and there's LOTR: The Third Age still unfinished. But hell, these could wait. Manga and earning moohla, cannot.

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Monday, November 15, 2004

The Third Age Cometh

In Hell, the annual bull run takes on a deadly twist...

Once in a while, great games are released and we can't help but keep playing until our eyes bleed. And this is one of those games... okay, I exaggerated a bit, I don't play that long. But this game is so good you wouldn't want to stop. It's the first turn-based RPG that features LOTR, considering it's the book that started it all, it's about time they had their own RPG. And it's not bad at all. Graphically, it's one of the best looking games on the PS2 right now. Coming from EA Games, I guess, quality is almost expected. Although I'm not a fan of sports games, look at my game library and you won't see any sports title, EA has made good games that look good. NFS:Underground, Burnout, LOTR games, etc. Seeing the Balrog in motion and fighting it too, really made my hair stand on end. The characters are not the ones we've come to know from the movies but they are somehow similar to each other. The story, interestingly happens at the same time as in the movies. They are intertwined... sometimes, you see scenes merge together which is somewhat cool. You have this feeling of watching an extended version of the films... well, more than the extended editions on dvds, and extra characters to boot! Like all RPGs, the armor, weapons, attributes are all customizable. The skills are learned gradually. And seeing them perform their attacks is pure eye candy. It's sad that I can't spend too much time playing this, seeing this game through to the end as quickly as I can, I still have work to do and my deadline's almost upon me. But it's a good thing I have something to go to whenever I get some free time. Sleep?! Forget it! Sleeping is a waste of time! Work and play, now that's the life! Oh boy... now I feel pathetic. Hehe! But it's the life I chose... BAH!
Our Sky internet subscription should have been over a week ago, but surprisingly, we can still use it. Not that I'm complaining... wait, actually, I am complaining, since last week, the service has been close to crap. So I bought an internet prepaid card, ISP Bonanza... and I must say... it's even crappier! I can't even connect, Goddamnit! Somehow, I blame all those who play Ragnarok... sure, its big, but give others a chance, people! Playing a pointless game all day is more of a waste of precious time than lets say... uhm.... sleeping! Welcome, people, to Jen's keyboard of rage! Mwahaha! Anyway, I meant no offense to people who play Ragnarok... but you have to admit, it IS pretty pointless. A game that doesn't have an ending... it defeats the purpose of playing games, the sense of accomplishment in the end. Well, to each his own, like I always say. It's your time, your life, your money. Its just an opinion, we are all entitled to that. But to those people who pay big bucks for Ragnarok ITEMS, that's just plain absurd.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

A Bit of History

After years of waiting for a Star Wars Trilogy DVD...

Watching the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD brought back a lot of fond memories. You see, when Star Wars Special Edition was released in theaters, I was in college and had a lot of free time on my hands. I have seen the original movies when I was young but I never gave it too much attention. I could say that at first, I wasn't interested too much on movies. But seeing SW in theaters and in all it's DTS glory, that completely changed my view on movies. The SW: Special Edition was being shown every month, a month every episode. I lined up the theaters every first day of showing. I was hooked. I even ate a lot of KFC chicken who at that time, was selling SW merchandises with every meal you buy. These movies, made me love the movies and I could never be thankful enough for that. I love the movies, and I know it'll stay that way forever. Posted by Hello

Monday, November 08, 2004

The Revenge of the Sith

"I find your lack of faith disturbing..."

Alas! The temptation was too great to resist! Having dreamed of getting what I really wanted, even the littlest things to make me happy, I raced on to Greenhills, BEST toys and asked if they really aren't interested in selling me the Darth Vader figurine without buying Count Dooku and Mace Windu. But as expected, they weren't. So what was I to do but buy the whole set. So there I was, parting P4,200 for these things of beauty! And I'm really glad I did. I love these! And now, since I'm into collecting these, I'm now on a search for a Darth Maul Star Wars Unleashed figurine. Now I have to tighten my budget on everything. Hehe! The price we pay.Posted by Hello

Friday, November 05, 2004

Too bad...

Marilyn Monroe audition still unsuccessful for the dark robed dude.

Too bad you can't find this anywhere anymore. It's wickedly cool! I'd love to have this in my little collection. It's funny when you think about it, even though I love Darth Vader, I just don't have a single action figure of him, just a big poster of him, along with my Darth Maul poster. Star Wars figures are just too expensive for such a size and limited articulation. I guess that's not the point. Hehe! But I wouldn;t bother with articulations if its this cool! Oh well, we all dream... and it's free.Posted by Hello

Star Warz Crazy

The audition for Mr. Clean did not go well for the dark robed dude.

Earlier, while walking aroung Greenhills looking for a gift for my dad, I passed by BEST Toyshop (a routine, actually). And there, by the counter, I saw a Darth Vader Star Wars Unleashed figurine. The first time I saw this years ago, I immediately fell in love with it but I didn't buy it since at that time, churning out a thousand for a figurine is a bit unreasonable. So I forgot about it and went on with my life. But here it is again, although not the best sculpted piece in the series, it is STILL Darth Vader, whih I consider as one of the coolest movie characters of all time! (let's see, along with Vito Corleone in Godfather2 played by Robert de Niro, Darth Maul, etc.) Anyway, the shop doesn't want to sell it to me individually, they said it was included in a set of 3 pieces, with Mace Windu and a pretty cool but static Count Dooku. But I just wanted Darth Vader! I don't want to give P4K for all these! I just want one! Anyway, after 3 tries, I gave up and went home heartbroken. Heh! I'll get you, you elusive figurine you! One way or another!!! BWAHAHAHA!!! Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Turning 50

A Kodak Moment!

Today, November 4, my dad turns 50 years old!!! My goodness! How time flies! But with my dad's youthful behavior and sense of humor, you really wouldn't notice that he's 50. And I'm thankful for that. He's never been strict to me and for that I've been a very good son. I think when I myself, when the time comes, have a child of my own, I will raise them the way my parents raised me. I think it's just perfect. So this November, my parents will be celebrating their birthdays, my dad today, and my mom on the 13th. So to the best parents one could have, Happy Birthday, folks! I couldn't ask for more! Thank you for everything and I love you both so much!!! Posted by Hello