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Friday, November 05, 2004

Star Warz Crazy

The audition for Mr. Clean did not go well for the dark robed dude.

Earlier, while walking aroung Greenhills looking for a gift for my dad, I passed by BEST Toyshop (a routine, actually). And there, by the counter, I saw a Darth Vader Star Wars Unleashed figurine. The first time I saw this years ago, I immediately fell in love with it but I didn't buy it since at that time, churning out a thousand for a figurine is a bit unreasonable. So I forgot about it and went on with my life. But here it is again, although not the best sculpted piece in the series, it is STILL Darth Vader, whih I consider as one of the coolest movie characters of all time! (let's see, along with Vito Corleone in Godfather2 played by Robert de Niro, Darth Maul, etc.) Anyway, the shop doesn't want to sell it to me individually, they said it was included in a set of 3 pieces, with Mace Windu and a pretty cool but static Count Dooku. But I just wanted Darth Vader! I don't want to give P4K for all these! I just want one! Anyway, after 3 tries, I gave up and went home heartbroken. Heh! I'll get you, you elusive figurine you! One way or another!!! BWAHAHAHA!!! Posted by Hello


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