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Monday, November 15, 2004

The Third Age Cometh

In Hell, the annual bull run takes on a deadly twist...

Once in a while, great games are released and we can't help but keep playing until our eyes bleed. And this is one of those games... okay, I exaggerated a bit, I don't play that long. But this game is so good you wouldn't want to stop. It's the first turn-based RPG that features LOTR, considering it's the book that started it all, it's about time they had their own RPG. And it's not bad at all. Graphically, it's one of the best looking games on the PS2 right now. Coming from EA Games, I guess, quality is almost expected. Although I'm not a fan of sports games, look at my game library and you won't see any sports title, EA has made good games that look good. NFS:Underground, Burnout, LOTR games, etc. Seeing the Balrog in motion and fighting it too, really made my hair stand on end. The characters are not the ones we've come to know from the movies but they are somehow similar to each other. The story, interestingly happens at the same time as in the movies. They are intertwined... sometimes, you see scenes merge together which is somewhat cool. You have this feeling of watching an extended version of the films... well, more than the extended editions on dvds, and extra characters to boot! Like all RPGs, the armor, weapons, attributes are all customizable. The skills are learned gradually. And seeing them perform their attacks is pure eye candy. It's sad that I can't spend too much time playing this, seeing this game through to the end as quickly as I can, I still have work to do and my deadline's almost upon me. But it's a good thing I have something to go to whenever I get some free time. Sleep?! Forget it! Sleeping is a waste of time! Work and play, now that's the life! Oh boy... now I feel pathetic. Hehe! But it's the life I chose... BAH!
Our Sky internet subscription should have been over a week ago, but surprisingly, we can still use it. Not that I'm complaining... wait, actually, I am complaining, since last week, the service has been close to crap. So I bought an internet prepaid card, ISP Bonanza... and I must say... it's even crappier! I can't even connect, Goddamnit! Somehow, I blame all those who play Ragnarok... sure, its big, but give others a chance, people! Playing a pointless game all day is more of a waste of precious time than lets say... uhm.... sleeping! Welcome, people, to Jen's keyboard of rage! Mwahaha! Anyway, I meant no offense to people who play Ragnarok... but you have to admit, it IS pretty pointless. A game that doesn't have an ending... it defeats the purpose of playing games, the sense of accomplishment in the end. Well, to each his own, like I always say. It's your time, your life, your money. Its just an opinion, we are all entitled to that. But to those people who pay big bucks for Ragnarok ITEMS, that's just plain absurd.


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