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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Of Weddings and Funerals

On December 12, my best friend, Architect John Jasper Belo will tie the knot with long-time girlfriend Michelle Bonifacio. They've been together since 2nd year college and I'm glad that they hit the jackpot with each other. Of all the people I know, these two are the best-looking couple I've seen. And I remember being a "bridge" between these two during courtship. Ahh... those were the days. But now that their wedding is coming, all I wish for them is thebest! In everything! I know they've come so far and I believe that these two's love will last forever. Well, JMB, best wishes and better health!
Where does "funeral" in the title come in? Well, the past weeks has been rough for me. And I felt that I was dead to the world. Especially in my work. Since feeling the pressure of deadline, sometimes, my mind just goes blank and I'd just look at the blank page for minutes. Trying to get something done but can't. But now, the old Jen is back. I'll try to do more than 2 pages per day to meet my deadline and still have some free time for extra work on the manga. Well, wish me luck!
Too bad for me though, there's a lot of new games out right now. Metal Gear Solid 3: SnakeEater, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, Need for Speed Underground 2 and there's LOTR: The Third Age still unfinished. But hell, these could wait. Manga and earning moohla, cannot.

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