Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Boss, DVD?!

My mom and I went to the mall and was thinking of watching a movie. After eating great pasta at Sbarro, we decided to watch I,Robot instead of Imelda Marcos. And I'm glad we did since we enjoyed the movie! I, Robot wasn't bad, it actually reminded me of the atmosphere of Minority Report, another movie I enjoyed, I even clapped my hands after the movie...  and A.I. It was fun and there was a bit of mystery involved. Will Smith's part could've been played by another but he was okay... he wasn't too smug in this movie. Anyway, I'll be waitingfor this movie in DVD. 
Speaking of DVDs, I passed by the nearest DVD shop and found a good variety of anime DVDs. Usually sold in sets, you'll find good series like Inu Yasha, KareKano, Gungrave, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, GTO, Wolf's Rain, etc. I was interested in buying GITS but thought better to wait until I get back from an outing we have planned this weekend. I haven't watched anime since I got into work. Which is weird since I worked at an anime magazine, I guess I got sick of it. It was too much for me.
Well, better get my things ready...

Friday, July 23, 2004

Late at Nights

Ever since I worked on the manga every night, I made it a point to watch Conan O'Brien's Late Night Show (Sometimes, Jay Leno) at ETC. I never had this much fun watching people talk! Hahahaha!!! The good thing about Conan's show is he makes fun of himself, aside from making other people look funny and stupid. Being Irish, tall, pale and scrawny. Anyway, it's fun. Call me shallow but when watching the news and you see the same things over and over again, it gets tired. Seeing Mr. Angelo Dela Cruz arrive home once is good enough, but to actually exploit it every hour, I mean, give the guy a break! Let him go on with his life! And giving him a hero's welcome is really overrated! The guy's no hero... it's the Filipino troops who are to be hailed as heroes. These people, whatever the government's decision's going to be, they'll accept it. Imagine, putting their lives at risk not for their own agenda, but for the good of the Iraqi people. Even with the present danger they're facing, they are willing to finish what they have started. No disrespect to Mr. Dela Cruz... but I really feel it was a bad move to pullout Filipino troops in Iraq. Now these Iraqi insurgents kidnap 6 others. The pullout gave them hope, these desperate sons of bitches. If I were the President, I'd send MORE troops! But I knoe it was not an easy decision. Well, I never liked Arroyo anyway. I feel that she wants to surpass Princess Diana as the most photographed woman in the world! Heh! Too much publicity. GMA 7 was caught red-handed, stealing ABS-CBN's footage on thearrival of Dela Cruz. Hahaha!!! I never liked GMA 7. For me, their shows are cheap! And their new reality-based show 30 Days feature stars that don't have careers anymore... well, let me tell you my observation: most of these participants are former GMA talents. Hehehe!!! Just means being part of their kapuso pool of stars have limited lifespan in this industry. Funny. Not that I like ABS, but it's better. Well, that's just me. To each his own.

Thursday, July 22, 2004


When eating out, usually on fastfood chains, people always ask you whether you want to upgrade your meal and stuff. Since when did ordering for a quick meal this complicated?! "Sir,would you like to upgrade your fries?... How about your drink? Would you like to add pie with your meal, sir? If you get a pie, we'll throw in a free newspaper! (?!)" Well, life now, is full of upgrades, I just wish people could get upgraded as easy as that.
Speaking of upgrades...
Well, after promising myself not to buy a new tv set, I still did. I gave my parents my old 21" JVC set and got a huge 25" Sony Vega! And I couldn't be happier with my entertainment setup, right now... well, a good Home Theater in a Box sure won't hurt. But right now, I'm pretty much satisfied with everything. Heh! Truth is... I'm a bit of an obssessive-compulsive guy and what drove me to buy a Sony is the sight of having just one brand of appliances. I have a Sony DVD player and a Sony PS2... Hehehe! Crazy!
One thing these things can't do is feed me... I'm starving! I gotta get something to eat so I'll end this blog.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Choices... Again...

Last Wednesday, I had the urge to buy a new CD, I've been meaning to get KEANE's "Hopes and Fears". But when I came to the record bar, I was faced with two albums that I really want to have. One was Keane's and the other, Franz Ferdinand's. After a couple of minutes, I finally decided, I got Keane. And I really loved this album! The sound is like water, flowing and soothing. But Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" has been playing in my head... so the next morning, I got it anyway. And I've never been happier!  Heh!
Last night, I worked my ass off doing manga pages. And here I am, still awake. At this rate, I just mightturn into a vampire. Always awake at night and sleeping in the mornings. Anyway, every sacrifice has it's rewards. Why not work during the day, you ask? Well, it's hot, that's probably the only reason why I don't usually work during the day.
"Sir, are you classified as human?"
"Negative. I am a meat popsicle!"

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Hello, Carpal's Tunnel!

It's been a while since my last post here, I've kept myself busy with my current work. It's been hectic but it'll be more than worth it. I am now on page 37... out of 150. I'm given 4 months to do this. I know I can do it, especially with the agreed compensation from my American bosses. I hope I don't disappoint. Right now, it's looking fine. I wish I could make it look better, we are never satisfied with what we see anyway. I could say that with this, I can now call myself an accomplished man. If you think about it, this IS the life for me. As a manga-ka.
Never sleeping at night, when morning comes, that's when I get to visit dreamland. Ahh... never seeing the morning sun... I always wake up at around 11am to 2pm. I would've wanted to sleep more but the heat is just intolerable when you're sleeping in the afternoons. No matter, just a little more and we could have all the comfort we need. sigh... can't wait to see this project out in the market. I don't know if it'll come out here in the Philippines though... maybe. Hopefully.
I haven't had the time to watch Kill Bill Volume 2.Soon, I hope. I hear it's better than the first. Although I can't say that the first movie was perfect, it was entertaining. By the way, speaking of samurai stuff, I got to watch The New Zatoichi on DVD. I saw the older version of this one, it's about a wandering blind masseur. He's an excellent swordsman, concealing his blade in his cane. Although the older Zatoichi had a really lovable main character, the new one has his charms also. They are both old and a bit pudgy. But like everything, it's not in the size but the performance. Heh! The new Zatoichi is much more skilled though. Probably because of the effects put in. Anyway, It's some sort of a musical too. But not the Moulin Rouge type. It's subtle. If ever you catch it on DVD, watch it! It may entertain you, but be warned, like most Japanese movies(with the exception of Azumi), the pacing is slow. Now, I'm waiting for Casshan.

"Sir, are you classified as human?"
"Negative. I am a meat popsicle!"

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Spiderman 2

One of the best sequels! Posted by Hello

Even with our hectic schedules... we're never too busy to watch Spiderman 2! And I must say, it's PERFECT! It's been a long time since I enjoyed watching a movie, and I was just awed by what the new spidey movie had to offer. Visually, it was perfect! You really feel for Peter Parker and watching Spiderman swinging from building to building was indeed exhilirating! This is by far the best translation from a comic book to live-action movie! Yes, better than X-men and that crappy Hulk flick! Everyone gave good performances, I was a bit tired of seeing Kirsten Dunst but after seeing this, I am in-love with her looks again. Heh!She was really the heart of the movie. Alfred Molina plays Doc Ock, a perfect casting move! And the decision to scrap his original comic duds was brilliant! Imagine a live-action Doc Ock wearing Green and Yellow tights! Scary! The movie has it's funny moments. A lot, actually. I caught myself smiling even after minutes from the funny part. Hehe! Anyway, I really enjoyed this one and will watch it again with the family on Sunday! Can't wait!
Now, I'm back home and off to the drawing table for me.