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Friday, July 23, 2004

Late at Nights

Ever since I worked on the manga every night, I made it a point to watch Conan O'Brien's Late Night Show (Sometimes, Jay Leno) at ETC. I never had this much fun watching people talk! Hahahaha!!! The good thing about Conan's show is he makes fun of himself, aside from making other people look funny and stupid. Being Irish, tall, pale and scrawny. Anyway, it's fun. Call me shallow but when watching the news and you see the same things over and over again, it gets tired. Seeing Mr. Angelo Dela Cruz arrive home once is good enough, but to actually exploit it every hour, I mean, give the guy a break! Let him go on with his life! And giving him a hero's welcome is really overrated! The guy's no hero... it's the Filipino troops who are to be hailed as heroes. These people, whatever the government's decision's going to be, they'll accept it. Imagine, putting their lives at risk not for their own agenda, but for the good of the Iraqi people. Even with the present danger they're facing, they are willing to finish what they have started. No disrespect to Mr. Dela Cruz... but I really feel it was a bad move to pullout Filipino troops in Iraq. Now these Iraqi insurgents kidnap 6 others. The pullout gave them hope, these desperate sons of bitches. If I were the President, I'd send MORE troops! But I knoe it was not an easy decision. Well, I never liked Arroyo anyway. I feel that she wants to surpass Princess Diana as the most photographed woman in the world! Heh! Too much publicity. GMA 7 was caught red-handed, stealing ABS-CBN's footage on thearrival of Dela Cruz. Hahaha!!! I never liked GMA 7. For me, their shows are cheap! And their new reality-based show 30 Days feature stars that don't have careers anymore... well, let me tell you my observation: most of these participants are former GMA talents. Hehehe!!! Just means being part of their kapuso pool of stars have limited lifespan in this industry. Funny. Not that I like ABS, but it's better. Well, that's just me. To each his own.


  • tsk tsk tsk... u told the opposite of the real story.. 'twas abs-cbn who stole gma's "exclusive" footage of adc in naia... abs-cbn stole already two video footages... one was in 1992(i think), 'twas the eye to eye exclusive interview with someone (i don't know, ask gma)... it was totally obvious that abs-cbn used it, coz abs- cbn covered the "eye to eye exlusive" line with a red square.... and then the other one was an "exclusive" video footage of the manila riot somethin'.... gma already filed a case to abs-cbn yesterday... and fyi, gma got the naia footage from reuters... ayan, kasi... di nanonood ng NEWS! ahahaha... kuya!

    it's better not to comment on both stations coz they both do have bad sides... pirating one another's shows, ideas, styles.. etc... like the traitor director of mulawin...

    like you said... that's just me... to each his own... ^_^

    sowee if i'm not that good in spokening english (ahahaha)... "ang di magmahal sa kanyang sariling wika ay daig pa ang isang mabaho at malansang isda..."

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