Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Thursday, July 22, 2004


When eating out, usually on fastfood chains, people always ask you whether you want to upgrade your meal and stuff. Since when did ordering for a quick meal this complicated?! "Sir,would you like to upgrade your fries?... How about your drink? Would you like to add pie with your meal, sir? If you get a pie, we'll throw in a free newspaper! (?!)" Well, life now, is full of upgrades, I just wish people could get upgraded as easy as that.
Speaking of upgrades...
Well, after promising myself not to buy a new tv set, I still did. I gave my parents my old 21" JVC set and got a huge 25" Sony Vega! And I couldn't be happier with my entertainment setup, right now... well, a good Home Theater in a Box sure won't hurt. But right now, I'm pretty much satisfied with everything. Heh! Truth is... I'm a bit of an obssessive-compulsive guy and what drove me to buy a Sony is the sight of having just one brand of appliances. I have a Sony DVD player and a Sony PS2... Hehehe! Crazy!
One thing these things can't do is feed me... I'm starving! I gotta get something to eat so I'll end this blog.


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