Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Bush and Joe

After seeing Fahrenheit 9/11, I really don't know what to think except be doubtful with every government, especially ours. Although I don't think the Philippine government will go through all these trouble, nor do I think they are capable of such plans... except when Marcos was ruling the country, I still feel that somehow, people are being duped by these elitist politicians. I was never one who loved politics, I became aware when Erap was being tried in court, after that, I became interested. Then came studying the Constitution under a good but strict college professor where every time you can't answer his question, you'll be subjected to the electric chair of shame. Anyway, when GMA won the recent elections, I lost interest again. And that is good since nothing good has come up since. these days, I am more interested in US politics, the upcoming elections and although we don't live there, what the US decides on, the world seems to be affected ny it. So we should care even just a little.
I just finished Viewtiful Joe. I mustsay that it has one of Capcom's most satisfying endings and probably one of the hardest games I've ever played! Really! It's candy-coated facade is masking its true identity as an old-school ass kicker of a game. And with Dante being available for use, the options to play this through the second time is a bit tempting but thinking of how hard it was, nevermind. But this is one game that I enjoyed playing and I'm looking forward to its sequel.

Monday, September 27, 2004

The PSTwo

Image from

Like what Sony did with the PSOne, this November, we'll be seeing the new PSTwo hit the stores. The size difference from the original PS2 is a lot! The weight of the console has been cut in half, thickness by 60%, overall, internal volume has been reduced by75%! Would you believe?! Why the hell didn't they just manufacture the PS2 this way when they first came out withit. Hehe! I just love the new look! But the news say that not all games can be played in this. Hmm... makes me think if the guys at Virramall will do some modifications with this new unit. And what "games" will work. Hehe! Iguess we'lljust have to find out for ourselves. But for me, I don't think I'll get this if it means I'm gonna have to narrow down my game choices. But priced at $149, it's a bargain! That would really give me something to think about. It will be a great piece in my soon-to-be constructed upper floor room all for myself. Nyehehe!
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Friday, September 24, 2004


Something to write about... I remember the first time I "fell in love". It was in grade school, 2nd grade to be exact. I was really attracted to this girl in my class whose name was Angeli Brigoli. She had long , straight hair and creamy complexion, just the way I like. I even remember being in a fight with my best friend Chester who also had a crush on her... would you believe?! 2nd grade kids fighting over a girl?! But it never went to a fistfight, just a few nasty words, i guess. Who won? Nobody, I "confessed" my feelings for her and she readily answered, "Hay naku, Jennyson! Bata pa tayo no! Mag-aral ka na lang!" Hahaha! Busted! Anyway, lasttime I heard about her was that she's moved to Cebu. So what?! Wala lang.
My first real job was at GASI. Graphic Arts and Services Inc., as a comic illustrator. I was spending my summer vacation in Malolos and I wanted to hav something to read, a comic book to be specific. So knowing the province, I know I can't find a decent Marvel book in the newstands, so I settled with a NEW Pinoy comic anthology entitled Terminator Komiks. They had a contest there where you'll have to design your own character and win a... TA-DAAH... Nintendo Family Computer (all the rage then)! And thank my lucky stars, I did win and the editor even offered me a job! I was just a 2nd year high school student then and was considered to be the youngest ever to work there (dunno about that...). I was so excited and got to work immediately on the script they have given me, it was Kundalini Warrior. Funny name but it talks about a spiritual thing. I forgot already. Anyway, I met a lot of people, some, I still see today in different companies. My editor then was Joven Munar Tan, now a movie director.
During my 2nd grade in elementary, a lot of things happened to me. I got run over by an overtaking jeepney, made a hole in my right foot. It's healed now, of course. I got circumcised at thatage... maybe it was too early that's why I never grew up tall... of course, that's just a myth... or maybe not. Damn. Hehe!
So 2 is the magic number for me, I guess. Hmm... I do hope this manga I'm doing will get past Volume 2! Haha!

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Dante from Devil May Cry guest stars in the PS2 version of Viewtiful Joe. Stylish!

I just got Viewtiful Joe for the PS2. This game was originally an exclusive for Game Cube systems only. But I guess the low sales of the console from the once mighty Nintendo made Capcom decide to come out with this PS2 version. Which for me is a good move on their part (and for my benefit)! Hehehe! This game is one of those unique games out in the market today. Very stylized cel-shaded graphics that transport you to a comic book-looking world which is in fact a movie. Joe was transported to the world of the movie he's watching with his gf who was kidnapped by an evil creature that resides inside the movie. So in order to save her, he himself was transported inside and learned neat tricks from Captain Blue. He has become the new super hero of the movie. Anyway, this is not a game for the faint at heart. This is extremely hard and needs more than just basic eye-hand coordination. Hehehe!
Last night, Guia and I watched Feng Shui, with the hype it's been generating, we were suddenly interested if it'll live up to all the fuss. Anyway, I'm quite impressed with what they've done with this movie. There is still hope for Philippine cinema. It does look like a 2-hour long episode of Nginiig. Which isn't bad since those Nginiig segments look better than the usual Pinoy treatment on things like this. What is wrong with Pinoy productions is they're afraid to hide the face of the actors, hiding the "emotions" that was supposed to be conveyed. So they flood the scene with lights. Shadows everywhere, anywhere, places not supposed to have shadows. That's why I dont like watching Pinoy movies and series. Yes, just because of lighting, etc. If you look at Godfather, henever they're inside VitoCorleone's office, it's really dark. And it greatly sets the mood for the scene! That's waht I wanted things to look, never afraid to hide anything for an effective atmosphere. Before doing manga, I wanted to be a director. But I guess I've grown out of it. I still love photography though. Anyway, back to FS, the cinema felt like a ride on Space Shuttle at Enchanted Kingdom. People were screaming in unison with every little anticipation of a spirit appearance. Hehehe! I don't know if it's a good thing but it sure added tension. Like when we were watching Ringu, most of the time I felt chills were mainly because of the other people. Hehehe! But if you watch it at home, there is no such effect. Maybe that's why it's better to watch a horror flick with other people, not because you're scared, but because it adds tension to it, more suspense. Although this movie was not entirely original in my opinion, thanks to recent Asian horror movies, the director certainly got tips on how to scare audiences in a subtle but effective way. But the lighting may have been overdone. Imagine a house with different colored lights in one area. Hehehe! But I guess it's style. Well, I hope to see more of the same caliber as this, maybe even better.
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Amazing Race

Well, The Amazing Race 5 has just been concluded. While I think Chip and Kim deserved to win, my favorite team has always been Colin and Christie. Sure, they're the team from hell, but you gotta admit that they're the best team of all! Probably on the show's entire history! They're smart and very competitive. But in the end, it was C&K's luck being the last team to finish a luge task that gave them the advantage. Knowing that the first 2 teams' flight has been delayed therefore giving them the option of taking another plane to Denver. Anyway, I can't wait for TAR6, I hope the contestants will be as full of character as the teams on TAR5.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Asian Movies Day

Very nice Korean movie... sad but sweet.

Earlier, I decided to buy Twilight Samurai on dvd. I've been planning to buy this for a long time but always had second-thoughts since I have this stigma of Japanese films being slow in pacing. But this film IS slow but not in a dragging kind of way. Anyway, so there I was, checking out the dvd, told the friendly Muslim merchant to test it, but while looking at the movies on display, I saw My Sassy Girl: Director's Cut dvd!!! This is certainly one of the movies I greatly enjoyed watching and was excited to have it in my collection. Got it! And then, I saw another one... Windstruck, also starring the pretty Jeon Ji-Hyeon. I watched it tonight and got myself a little teary-eyed towards the end. It's funny, sweet and sad. If anyone has a chance to get it, go and get it because you won't regret having seen this.
Oh, PS2 games are back in circulation! Just waiting for Viewtiful Joe! Posted by Hello

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Manga Toning

Here's a tutorial on manga toning by myself! For those who are interested... LINK

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

I love how it looks!

This movie certainly caused quite a stir between anime fans and haters. Hehehe! Read on... LINK
Now for my own views. Even though I am an artist using anime/manga as an inspiration, not everything in this genre is gold. I usually prefer the old anime OAVS and movies over new ones. There are of course, exceptions. But I've grown tired of watching these shows. And most people generalize anime as drawings having big eyes and stuff, I have been on a debate regarding this with my college professor who thinks anime as an art form is trash. I was of course, insulted! One: I draw better than her. And two: who is she to judge it?! But it was not in defense of anime, it was a feeling drawn out from me as an artist. I'm sure I'll get violent reactions from her if I say that Picasso's art is crap (which I don't, mind you... well, part of me does but who am I?!)! So right after the exams, I gave her a copy of Jin-Roh, which she hopefully watched and changed her views on anime even for just a little. I should've given her Grave of the Fireflies, that almost always gets into the heart of ladies, makes 'em forget it was actually anime they're watching. There are good things from anime and American (any country) movies, but not all. We just have to go out of our biases when watching these. I love movies, that's it!
I used to watch the old Superman animation every afternoons after school. I loved it and considers it better than the Batman:animated series clones we have today (some Teen Titans episodes were good). The first one was okay though. Anyway, no time for cartoons now, I'm going back to my manga duties. Posted by Hello

Friday, September 17, 2004

Circadian Rhythm Blues

It started this monday. I guess it's because I overslept the morning before, as you all know, I sleep at around 4am-8am everyday. And almost always wake up by noon. But this week, I've been waking up at 4-5pm! It's crazy!!! Some say I deserve to get more rest since I've been working all night, what do I do, you ask?! I'm a macho dancer... hehehe! Anyway, if this goes on, I'm sure I'll be having big headaches everyday! It's crazy! But good thing about it is, I don't miss a thing like earthquakes (like the one this morning) and stuff. My Circadian Rhythm's all messed up.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


It's been more than a month since my last deviation at DeviantArt. And I owe to myself to check out some more of the talented artists in this site. And I was quite surprised to see the ladies excel in the field of photography, nothing sexist in this remark but it was quite unusual to see women interested in photography. But I'm glad I checked 'em out... so should you!
Here are the links to their pages:
suicide stock
poisoned kiss

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Cool Site

This is one cool site! check it out!!! link

Manga Kureizy!

I've always believed that a person is in constant learning process. This is also true with the arts for I am always looking for ways to improve my craft. And earlier, I was able to take it a step further in the field of manga toning. Big deal, you say... but for me, this is something very useful to me and for the project I'm doing. With the technique that I have developed, I can now put everything into detail, even my tones! Sorry, if you're not into these, you may not be able to understand what I'm saying. Youmight even think I'm crazy making a big deal out of this. Heh! But guaranteed, it has changed my manga-ka (manga creator) life... for now.

Monday, September 13, 2004

I'm Back!

I had a week of a mental block. No matter what I do, I can't produce a good page for my manga. But I'm glad to say that I'm back and can say that I got better. Hehehe! This is just part of my goal to improve myself in the field of art. You see, ever since I started working professionally, I've stopped progressing with my style. I know that's not fair to say but with professional work, you were always told what to do, what looks good in the marketing point of view, etc. Although I was lucky with my superiors, who are good friends of mine, I always felt that I didn't have the freedom to draw and develop more of my own style. But now, it has changed, I now require myself to improve with every possible chance I get. Once I achieve that, I know I'll feel better about my worth in this industry. People may not notice, but I do. I know what I'm capable of doing and if it ain't enough, I'll ask myself to do better. I'm back and glad to be.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Feed your mind... with others'!

I picked up this game the other day but I was having doubts with how much I'll enjoy something from Midway, the guys that gave us Mortal Kombat, a game I really try to avoid because of its absurdity. Anyway, this game may seem like your usual third person shooter at first but after having your first Psi(mind) power which is Telekinesis (TK), you won't be able to put it down. It is absolute fun throwing around things and even people. The environment is completely interactive, you can throw enemies to crates that smash on impact! Amazing! and then you get all sorts of cool powers like Mind Drain, Mind Control and Remote Viewing. The secong coolest power to use is MC, where you an take control of an enemy, use their artillery against fellow enemies and after completing the traitorous deed, make him jump off a tall building or blast some gasoline with him nearby thereby commiting suicide! Coolness! It may be too tough for a novice player, but its guaranteed to get some reaction from everyone who gets to experience this. This is certainly one of the coolest games I've played. Hehehe!Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Busy Busy Busy

Last week, I never got to go out of my room. for 4 straight days, I just worked myass off. Leaving the table just to eat, take a bath and take a piss. Now, I don't look much in the mirror, so if ever I have dirt on my face, I wouldn't know. So there I was, taking a bath when accidentally, the mirror caught my attention... and I said out loud, "WHAT THE HELL?!" I have grown a bigote (I hate bigotes), a thicker goatie and a visible soul patch! I look like a punk rocker sans the piercings! I gotta go out more. Hehehe! I swear I won't be an ermitanyo again. The electric shaver is man's best friend... Heh!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Happy days are here!

Look what I got in the mail!

I just got my cheque from the States. This is the first of many cheques I'll be getting for the manga I'm doing. I just can't describe how glad I am to be able to achieve this. There is hope for comic illustrators like me. I'm just happy I can do what I love doing and still make a decent amount of moohla with it. Have fun, live life, enjoy your work. Now, back to the drawing table... Posted by Hello