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Thursday, September 23, 2004


Dante from Devil May Cry guest stars in the PS2 version of Viewtiful Joe. Stylish!

I just got Viewtiful Joe for the PS2. This game was originally an exclusive for Game Cube systems only. But I guess the low sales of the console from the once mighty Nintendo made Capcom decide to come out with this PS2 version. Which for me is a good move on their part (and for my benefit)! Hehehe! This game is one of those unique games out in the market today. Very stylized cel-shaded graphics that transport you to a comic book-looking world which is in fact a movie. Joe was transported to the world of the movie he's watching with his gf who was kidnapped by an evil creature that resides inside the movie. So in order to save her, he himself was transported inside and learned neat tricks from Captain Blue. He has become the new super hero of the movie. Anyway, this is not a game for the faint at heart. This is extremely hard and needs more than just basic eye-hand coordination. Hehehe!
Last night, Guia and I watched Feng Shui, with the hype it's been generating, we were suddenly interested if it'll live up to all the fuss. Anyway, I'm quite impressed with what they've done with this movie. There is still hope for Philippine cinema. It does look like a 2-hour long episode of Nginiig. Which isn't bad since those Nginiig segments look better than the usual Pinoy treatment on things like this. What is wrong with Pinoy productions is they're afraid to hide the face of the actors, hiding the "emotions" that was supposed to be conveyed. So they flood the scene with lights. Shadows everywhere, anywhere, places not supposed to have shadows. That's why I dont like watching Pinoy movies and series. Yes, just because of lighting, etc. If you look at Godfather, henever they're inside VitoCorleone's office, it's really dark. And it greatly sets the mood for the scene! That's waht I wanted things to look, never afraid to hide anything for an effective atmosphere. Before doing manga, I wanted to be a director. But I guess I've grown out of it. I still love photography though. Anyway, back to FS, the cinema felt like a ride on Space Shuttle at Enchanted Kingdom. People were screaming in unison with every little anticipation of a spirit appearance. Hehehe! I don't know if it's a good thing but it sure added tension. Like when we were watching Ringu, most of the time I felt chills were mainly because of the other people. Hehehe! But if you watch it at home, there is no such effect. Maybe that's why it's better to watch a horror flick with other people, not because you're scared, but because it adds tension to it, more suspense. Although this movie was not entirely original in my opinion, thanks to recent Asian horror movies, the director certainly got tips on how to scare audiences in a subtle but effective way. But the lighting may have been overdone. Imagine a house with different colored lights in one area. Hehehe! But I guess it's style. Well, I hope to see more of the same caliber as this, maybe even better.
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