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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Asian Movies Day

Very nice Korean movie... sad but sweet.

Earlier, I decided to buy Twilight Samurai on dvd. I've been planning to buy this for a long time but always had second-thoughts since I have this stigma of Japanese films being slow in pacing. But this film IS slow but not in a dragging kind of way. Anyway, so there I was, checking out the dvd, told the friendly Muslim merchant to test it, but while looking at the movies on display, I saw My Sassy Girl: Director's Cut dvd!!! This is certainly one of the movies I greatly enjoyed watching and was excited to have it in my collection. Got it! And then, I saw another one... Windstruck, also starring the pretty Jeon Ji-Hyeon. I watched it tonight and got myself a little teary-eyed towards the end. It's funny, sweet and sad. If anyone has a chance to get it, go and get it because you won't regret having seen this.
Oh, PS2 games are back in circulation! Just waiting for Viewtiful Joe! Posted by Hello


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