Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Friday, September 24, 2004


Something to write about... I remember the first time I "fell in love". It was in grade school, 2nd grade to be exact. I was really attracted to this girl in my class whose name was Angeli Brigoli. She had long , straight hair and creamy complexion, just the way I like. I even remember being in a fight with my best friend Chester who also had a crush on her... would you believe?! 2nd grade kids fighting over a girl?! But it never went to a fistfight, just a few nasty words, i guess. Who won? Nobody, I "confessed" my feelings for her and she readily answered, "Hay naku, Jennyson! Bata pa tayo no! Mag-aral ka na lang!" Hahaha! Busted! Anyway, lasttime I heard about her was that she's moved to Cebu. So what?! Wala lang.
My first real job was at GASI. Graphic Arts and Services Inc., as a comic illustrator. I was spending my summer vacation in Malolos and I wanted to hav something to read, a comic book to be specific. So knowing the province, I know I can't find a decent Marvel book in the newstands, so I settled with a NEW Pinoy comic anthology entitled Terminator Komiks. They had a contest there where you'll have to design your own character and win a... TA-DAAH... Nintendo Family Computer (all the rage then)! And thank my lucky stars, I did win and the editor even offered me a job! I was just a 2nd year high school student then and was considered to be the youngest ever to work there (dunno about that...). I was so excited and got to work immediately on the script they have given me, it was Kundalini Warrior. Funny name but it talks about a spiritual thing. I forgot already. Anyway, I met a lot of people, some, I still see today in different companies. My editor then was Joven Munar Tan, now a movie director.
During my 2nd grade in elementary, a lot of things happened to me. I got run over by an overtaking jeepney, made a hole in my right foot. It's healed now, of course. I got circumcised at thatage... maybe it was too early that's why I never grew up tall... of course, that's just a myth... or maybe not. Damn. Hehe!
So 2 is the magic number for me, I guess. Hmm... I do hope this manga I'm doing will get past Volume 2! Haha!


  • Hello mr. rosero! just a few comment, when u said u "fell in love", it was not in grade 2 but in grade 3...i should know, this is me, Angeli Brigoli...was that my comment to you that time? well, baka yun pa rin ang isagot ko sa yo til now! hehehe...yup, m still here n cebu, working my ass out! my cousin was the one who told me about this site and there's something about me, didn't believe him at first but i got curious...friendster ka na lang! look for me there, hehehe...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:07 PM  

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