Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Monday, August 30, 2004

Morality in the West

Unforgiven's simple yet powerful poster.


Clint Eastwood..........William Munny
Gene Hackman..........Little Bill
Morgan Freeman..........Ned Logan
Richard Harris..........English Bob

Another movie I happened to pick up this weekend is Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven, released in 1992. It is somehow different from all the western movies I've seen where the protagonist is completely clever, good, and always a perfect shot. Here, we see the reality of the Old West. Where even gunmen has a hard time accepting the reality of killing a person. This movie has excellent casting. I would have loved to see more of Richard Harris, here he plays an English gunman travelling with a biographer. Telling his stories that are mostly exaggerated, embellished like most of the movies about personalities (policemen, mayors, etc.) here in the Philippines. Riiiight. Anyway, I found this movie slow but the pacing helped in the overall effect of the film. I loved this movie as much as I loved... Enemy at the Gates. Posted by Hello

Saturday, August 28, 2004


Just something I did on my free time... conceited, yes, I know. Posted by Hello

Seeing the Wider Picture.

My Sony Wega 25". Posted by Hello

Lately, I've been using my Wega's Widescreen Mode more often when watching my DVDs. And I have to say that second to Progressive Scan-quality pictures, this is the best! The picture is unbelievably clear and crisp. I've never calibrated my tv's settings before, I thought the set's ready settings were good enough, boy, I was wrong! Now, I'm watching my old dvds with new light! I'm enjoying them more. I watched Citizen Kane (technically incredible movie considering it's done in 1941), LOTR: The Return of the King (excellent DVD quality), Basic (great twist), Azumi (Japanese movies are so clear but paced slow... except this one), Akira, Peter Pan (a surprisingly enjoyable movie),etc. While these are movies I've seen already, watching them in widescreen feels a bit different, it makes you appreciate them more. Well, it could probably be just me or the guys at Whatever, I love it and I'm planning on upgrading my home theater soon. Obsessed?! Damn right!

Friday, August 20, 2004

Lodoss Wars

Good old anime...

Back then, when anime was basically an unknown genre, this was my favorite of all. It had pretty visuals, interesting LOTR-like story and lovable characters. Earlier, I bought the DVD set and was excited to have a little reminiscing on those good old days. I stopped watching anime since it got oversaturated in the local channels and when I started working on n anmie magazine. It was too much. Hehehe! Anyway, while watching it... I realized how old this video is! It looks really dated, not like what I remembered it to be. But well, It IS old and it still is the same story so I still enjoyed it. But deep inside me, there was this feeling of "I should've gotten a newer one." But you know, they don't make these kind of masterpieces anymore so it's here to stay. I'll probably come back and get something new. Maybe some of those I enjoyed in those years, Akira, Blood, Jin-Roh, Perfect Blue, Vampire Hunter D... the dark ones. It'll be a blast! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Something New

I never experimented on this site before... blog is blog, thats what I thought. But now, looking at this page, I kinda like it! Hehehe!

Exilim Z40

Image from

I've been meaning to buy a digital camera... I've always been interested in taking photographs since college and well, I decided to continue this little passion I have. But film developing expenses and the waiting time made it a bit undesirable for me, especially right now that I don't get to go out that much. But now there is a way, get a digital camera. The quality will never be like that of a conventional film camera but it's fast and will be enough to satisfy my hunger for artsy still images. Well, give me a month or two and I'll get this beauty! Hehe!
This manga project is still a long way to go but everything's going quite well. I'm on a steady 2 pages a day(pencilled-inked-toned). And between that, study Painter 8... it's a pretty cool program, but a bit too complicated for starters. First, you'd have to think like a painter because the tools here act like what traditional painters use in the real world. Pretty cool but you'd have to have a pumped up computer to be able to get a big digital painting done. It is a real memory hog. Anyway, I hope I can post my first finished Painter digital drawing at Deviantart.
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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Nightly Rant

After completing the Man With No Name Trilogy starring Clint Eastwood, I have this renewed appreciation for the classics. Like The Godfather, Scarface, etc. I usually enjoy watching these on DVD since the visual reproduction is better than, lets say... OUR cable service. It's a good thing films like these turn up at the nearest dvd shops. For a change, I bought an anime movie entitled Rahxephon. I was impressed with the manga but the animation sucks. It's a freakin waste of my time. You see, the thing with Japanese movies and probably anime, they're just too slow. There are exceptions, of course. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing Fahrenheit:9/11 and Imelda Marcos on DVD. I wasn't able to catch these in theaters but I'm really interested in getting a copy. Hmm... what else... well, been watching tv every night starting 10PM on ETC. Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Blind Date (funny) - 5th Wheel (funnier) - Late Nights with Conan O'Brien (my favorite shows). I also started watching The Amazing Race and The Next Action Star. Reality shows are everywhere... and Filipino networks are trying to catch up. Good luck! You'll need more original ideas for that! Heh!

Monday, August 09, 2004


While I was browsing through some notes, someone suggested downloading a new browser called Firefox by Mozilla. And I must say, it's really functional. I think this is infinitely better than IE Explorer. Anyway, if you have time, check it out:

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Put the Cat Back in the Hat! Please!!!

We watched Catwoman earlier... I was expecting more from this movie but it just plain sucked! The backstory was good, having Catwomen across history but I guess the team that did this movie just aint up for the task. The CGs look exactly like that... CG! And the story... well, it's stupid! The movie just wanted to show Halle Berry's body, I think. And you don't get a lot since most of her scenes as Catwoman are done in CG! Anyway, that's just my opinion... go watch it if you like.
I took a break from manga work earlier to pay for my celphone bills and just walk around the mall. The usual places, Cyberzone and Appliance stores... looking at the next target. Damn, I fell in love with a tv again... I know, I just bought a new one but this... this beauty is really something! A Philips Flat HDTV! The pictures are crystal clear and well... if you buy it, you're wallet and bank account will surely be cleared of any traces of MONEY! Damn! Well, dreaming is always free...

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Short Message

It's been a while since my last post. I've been to Subic with Guia and her friends. It was fun, the water's great, the scenery... too bad I don't have my camera. But I'm sure we'll go back.

"Sir, are you classified as human?"
"Negative. I am a meat popsicle!"