Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Thank God for the rain... even though it was a bit too much. But still, I'd rather putting on my jacket than be all sweaty with the summer heat. For weeks, it's been hot and there are times when you really have to turn on the AC. Most of the time, I avoid it because I'd pay so much when the electricity bill arrives. Heheh! But tonight, ahh... the air's just perfect. Not too hot, nor too cold. I've been readying myself for busy weeks ahead... can't wait to start on new pages.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Boss, Dibidi?!

This weekend, AstroPlus Podium had another sale on their DVDs. Naturally, I went there, although not as early as most of the forum members who were there since they opened last Friday. And some of the titles are really, really low. The most sought after titles were Star Wars: ROTS, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Fantastic Four(from P900 to P299). And some boxsets were being sold for half their regular prices. I picked up the Indiana Jones Trilogy boxset (P1,500)and Hellboy 2-disc Edition (P333). I have this title already but I really wanted to have the one with the slipcase. Leon, however was a purchase from a seller in PinoyDVD, it's a German release, tin case and only P650. This is another one of my favorite movies, the relationship between Mathilda (young Natalie Portman) and Leon (Jean Reno, one of my favorite actors along with Bob DeNiro) may be uncomfortable but thats the point. Great buys! would've wanted to get more titles but I have to save. Well, that's that. Can't wait for the next sale.

Pinoy skills

I was looking around Toy Kingdom when something really interesting caught my eye... it's the Panday toy line!!! I immediately checked it out but still cant shake off the sceptic in me. And you know what? I was right! It is PATHETIC!!! The action figures looked like they were molded by candle makers (not belittling their candlemaking skills but this IS a toy line)! Once again, the pinoys have proven the "okay na yan" mentality. I will never ever dream of a time when Pinoys will excel in this field... wacthing some special features on dvds, how SFX movies are made, I'm sure the Pinoys won't be able to achieve that quality. And I'm pretty sure no actor or actress here in the Phils would be able to stand 8 hours of putting makeup. Sigh. I do believe that the Philippine movie industry has some of the most beautiful faces in the world... and some of them, thinks they're the most important people on a set. Prima donna? Is that the term? Anyway, just wanted to say that Panday toys are PATHETIC!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I ordered the DVD set from Amazon the other and expects it to arrive in April... it takes that long?! More than a month?! When I ordered my Gladiator Extended Edition (R2/Japan), it only took 2 weeks. Is it because it's near us? Anyway, I just can't wait to see the entire set in crystal clarity. I downloaded the episodes and right now, I just finished the 6th episode. I absolutely love this series, it really has everything I love. sci-fi AND western.