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Monday, March 06, 2006

Boss, Dibidi?!

This weekend, AstroPlus Podium had another sale on their DVDs. Naturally, I went there, although not as early as most of the forum members who were there since they opened last Friday. And some of the titles are really, really low. The most sought after titles were Star Wars: ROTS, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Fantastic Four(from P900 to P299). And some boxsets were being sold for half their regular prices. I picked up the Indiana Jones Trilogy boxset (P1,500)and Hellboy 2-disc Edition (P333). I have this title already but I really wanted to have the one with the slipcase. Leon, however was a purchase from a seller in PinoyDVD, it's a German release, tin case and only P650. This is another one of my favorite movies, the relationship between Mathilda (young Natalie Portman) and Leon (Jean Reno, one of my favorite actors along with Bob DeNiro) may be uncomfortable but thats the point. Great buys! would've wanted to get more titles but I have to save. Well, that's that. Can't wait for the next sale.


  • ahhh! i loved Leon! good pick!

    haha. mayaman kasi. di na ko masosorpresa kung sa susunod na pictures ay hindi dvds kundi a ROOM full of dvds... nyaha

    By Blogger +shadow+, at 11:44 AM  

  • sana may indiana jones at 1,500.00pa ... sana may indiana jones at 1,500.00pa ...

    By Blogger watson, at 9:53 AM  

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