Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Friday, August 26, 2005

Close Call

Last night on Rockstar INXS, my favorite rocker Marty Casey was nearly voted out of the competition. I was relieved when he was safe from being eliminated after doing a kick ass performance. But I was kind of saddened with Deanna's fate. For me, she deserves to stay longer and prove herself... well, in time, all of them will be voted out by Inxs. But I do hope some of them will stay longer for more performances (MiG, Jordis and Marty, the King of Cool). I love watching these guys rock. Brooke Burke mentioned a CD compilation of their performances... I'll be first in line to buy that. Can't wait!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Rockstar INXS

The Rockers of Rockstar INXS. From left to right: Jessica (eliminated), Ty, Mig, Suzie, Brandon (eliminated), Jordis, JD, Marty and Deanna.

Since watching The Contenders, I've been wanting to have another reality series that I'd wait for each week and Rockstar INXS (another from Mark Burnett) fills that hunger along with The Apprentice. What more can a rock listener want? Well, I was instantly impressed with the contestants' singing prowess especially with Mig, Jordis and Marty (my favorite rocker so far). I do hope these 3 will last the competition, although I think JD will win because of his creativity and talent. Well, looks like we'll have to wait.Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Heaven in a paper tube. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Working and Waiting

For the In-Vaders.

There are two things that I've been doing lately, working on NML Volume 2 and waiting for Revenge of the Sith DVD which will come out November 1... sigh, that's still a looong wait but hopefully, getting NML2 done won't take too long. It better not. Anyway, Guia and I went to the mall to get myself House of M #5, and this issue solidifies my liking to the story. Heroes are handled like they're really human beings, breathing, thinking, feeling but the only difference would be their superpowers. I do think it kinda had it's inspiration from X-men 2 movie. Having Magneto use Charles Xavier to reach out to people's psyches but having his daughter, the Scarlet Witch bend reality to his liking. Where mutants live happily without homo sapiens. Anyway, I can't wait to read more. Wait. Wait. Wait. Oh, and I got this Darth Vader door poster at Comic Quest... for a hefty price but anything for my beloved Vader. I'm planning on having it framed to protect it from anything... but being this big, it might cost me a lot.
Ever since the "Gloria-gate"( the name though for me is inappropriate basing it on US' Watergate scandal... why do they always have to put "gate" in scandals?! Watergate is the name of a place... anyway, UK has Jude Law's Nanny-gate...) controversy, I've been watching the news, the senate/house hearings everyday. And some people would be surprised to know that I watch these. I have always loved watching Historic documentaries/features, etc. Anything to do with history, as long as they have footages, pictures, I'll watch it. National Geographic has had very interesting features lately, just tonight, I watched Victory in the Pacific, the other day, Mafia, etc. So watching the hearings is like watching history unfold before my eyes. This was how I felt watching the Estrada Impeachment proceedings. I felt connected, a part of history. Well, we'll see how this one goes... looks like it'll take longer than the last impeachment.
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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Rock On!

Nope, that's not because I love playing Ragnarok, everyone I know KNOWS how much I despise Ragnarok. Honestly, it's a freakin' waste of time. Well, to each his own. But the title is for the new Mark Burnett series, Rockstar INXS. Although INXS wasn't really big here in the Phils, I was immediately interested in watching this series because of the rock performances. It's a refreshing change from watching/listening to idol contestants singing sappy lovesongs. Here, the performances are livelier and keeps you asking for more. I'm rooting for Marty Casey! JD could've been the best bet but he is cocky and a jerk. Well, like The Contenders, I'll be watching this through to the end.
Listening to: Orange and Lemons' Strike Whilst the Iron is Hot (Morissey sound-alike but the album is quite good.)