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Friday, August 19, 2005

Rockstar INXS

The Rockers of Rockstar INXS. From left to right: Jessica (eliminated), Ty, Mig, Suzie, Brandon (eliminated), Jordis, JD, Marty and Deanna.

Since watching The Contenders, I've been wanting to have another reality series that I'd wait for each week and Rockstar INXS (another from Mark Burnett) fills that hunger along with The Apprentice. What more can a rock listener want? Well, I was instantly impressed with the contestants' singing prowess especially with Mig, Jordis and Marty (my favorite rocker so far). I do hope these 3 will last the competition, although I think JD will win because of his creativity and talent. Well, looks like we'll have to wait.Posted by Picasa


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