Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Rock On!

Nope, that's not because I love playing Ragnarok, everyone I know KNOWS how much I despise Ragnarok. Honestly, it's a freakin' waste of time. Well, to each his own. But the title is for the new Mark Burnett series, Rockstar INXS. Although INXS wasn't really big here in the Phils, I was immediately interested in watching this series because of the rock performances. It's a refreshing change from watching/listening to idol contestants singing sappy lovesongs. Here, the performances are livelier and keeps you asking for more. I'm rooting for Marty Casey! JD could've been the best bet but he is cocky and a jerk. Well, like The Contenders, I'll be watching this through to the end.
Listening to: Orange and Lemons' Strike Whilst the Iron is Hot (Morissey sound-alike but the album is quite good.)


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