Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Friday, April 30, 2004


I've been using Gmail since Monday and I must say, I'm liking it. The gigabyte of space isn't the only plus in this new Google service, its features are also something to be interested in. Mail replies are considered as conversations and you never lose track of the past message. Its all there, which is a good thing for us with memories like that of a goldfish. Aside from the fact that it looks good. Simple but functional. Looks like I'll be using this service for a loooong time... until my space runs out (how the?!).

Early Bird

I came in the office quite early today. 6:30! (WHOA!!!) I'm still sleepy though... that's why I'm cutting this blog entry short...*

Monday, April 26, 2004

Bottoms up!

Earlier, I don't know what came to me... I had ordered beer as my beverage for lunch. It seemed like the perfect time to have a nice, cold bottle of beer. Outside, it was scorching hot! You can feel the heat from the pavement almost raising you up in the air. Anyway, there we are, sitting on a stool, sipping our San Mig Strong Ice, it was better than Light but beer is beer. I'm not much of a drinker anyway. Now, I feel... well, sleepy. I dunno if its the alcohol or I'm just plain bored... maybe both.
I went to the nearest PS2 game store and got myself a copy of Forbidden Siren. A survival horror game set in Japan. I've been hearing some good reviews about this game and can't wait to play it later. Looks like I'll be putting off Wind Waker for a while... oh, let's say, about a day. Hehehehe! Gaming haven in my room right now.
It's a typical day here in the office. Bored and nothing to do. been planning on bringing my PS2 here but the commuting problems always bother me and thought it would be better to just leave it. Besides, I don't think I'll have the same experience playing in black and white. Oh well... I'm just bored... I wanna go home.


I'm not doing anything...

Friday, April 23, 2004

Sweet Sunshower...

I slept quite early last night... after watching Great Expectations on dvd. I remembered how I liked this movie when it first came out. I was in college then, I had lots of time to spare and often in the movies. My love for movies started when Star Wars: Special Edition was shown, back then, THX-certified cinemas were just starting and I was really blown away with the sounds. I felt like I was there, fighting the Sith, lightsabers buzzing left and right, Tie Fighters whizzing up and down. It was truly an experience for me. Star Wars quickly became my favorite and had my hands on merchandises, at least, the ones I can afford. After the trilogy, I became addicted with movies. Watching everything I can but with certain requirements, the cinema would have to be THX-certified... Dolby, SDDS, etc. Back to Great Expectations, I used to relate to this movie, Finn (Ethan Hawke) was an aspiring painter, with dreams of being successful to be considered "equal" with the woman he loved since his childhood, Estella (Gwyneth Paltrow). As an artist myself, I really felt I had to be a success... and having watched that, I felt inspired, I felt like even I can do it. Anyway, the movie had Robert DeNiro who will always be one of my favorite actors. Another thing I liked in the movie is the soundtrack. I actually bought a lot of OSTs and this one was my favorite. Sweet Sunshower by Chris Cornell and Wishful Thinking by Duncan Sheik were my favorite tracks. Sigh, memories of those lonely years.


Dark as roses, and fine as sand
I feel your healing in your sting again
I hear you laughing and my soul is saved
On forgotten graves you cry

Crawl like ivy up my spine
Through my nerves and into my eyes
Cuts like anguish
Or recollections of better days gone by
But it's alright
When you're all in pain
And you feel the rain come down
Oh, it's alright
When you find your way
Then you see it disappear
It's alright
Through your garden's grey
I know all your graces
Someday will flower
In the sweet sunshower
In the sweet sunshower

Eyes like oceans so far away
Feathered trails to a better way
Worried mornings turn into days
And into worried nights

... beautiful! sniff! sniff!

Thursday, April 22, 2004


I'm still up! It's 3 AM... I had a nice chat with the people I'm going to work with. Seems like a jolly bunch... we consider ourselves pirates! Probably because we've been "pirated" from other companies! Hehehehe! I'm looking forward to doing this big project, if all goes well, we'll be sailing the Seven Seas in no time!

Monday, April 19, 2004

Games, Films and Flatulence

I finally had the chance to play The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker on the GameCube (which I borrowed from Sherwin). I love it! Although sometimes, you get lost but that's part of the game. NFS: Underground is getting too difficult for my taste, but a quick race with a friend is always fun.
Last night, Sherwin and I went to Chowking to get some refreshments. So there we are, eating our Halo-halos when all of a sudden, three of our friends from high school entered the store. Toby, Antonio and Darrel. I swear, Toby (we used to call him Puti, some even call him Casper, etc.) looked like JC! Hehehe! We had a little chat and went our separate ways knowing that things haven't changed a bit between us.
Guia has been getting a lot of aches and pains lately. Particularly her Stomach ache which we think is kabag. She's been burping and eherm... flatulating a lot. Hehehe!!! I hope she'll feel better already. I'm a bit worried about it. I'll be lending her some dvds later tonight. Peter Pan (a film I enjoyed, surprisingly!), Big Fish (a bit slow but enjoyable, so unlike the other Tim Burton films... this one had bright colors.) and Seabiscuit (I really loved this film, thanks to a documentary by Nat'l Geo). Hope she'll have time to watch these.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Hey, shorty, it's your birthday!

I had my birthday yesterday... it was an almost ordinary day but not quite. I woke up at around 11am. It was a well-deserved sleep after having countless sleepless nights. I made sure that on this special day, I'll pamper myself with sleep. Ironically, the last hours of my sleep were quite horrible... the heat is slowly filling my room and found myself suffocating! I hate it when the temperature rises like that. But 'twas not just any other day, 'twas my birthday and I would not let myself be let down by something as petty as this. I asked my Mom where they'd like to eat and decided to have it at Pizza Hut. My treat, after all, it IS my birthday (did I mention it was my birthday?). So off we go to the best place in the world (insert sarcasm here...) Grand Central! It was a good meal, we each had spagetti, pizza, cinnamon sticks (which is starting to be my favorite) and strawberry soda. Gah! We're full! After that, we checked out the friendly Muslims and got myself 2 dvd movies, Big Fish and Peter Pan. The afternoon was a bit more ordinary, the usual hours in front of the television, playing NFS:Underground. Guia and I are sipposed to go out after work hours, but she was not feeling so good, we decided to just stay home and probably watch my dvds... but soon after 4:30, she tells me she's okay and would love to spend the rest of the day with me! Jolly good!!! So there we are, eating the best spicy chicken wings at Yellow Cab (the second is probably Greenwich's Wacky Wings). We enjoyed dinner and went on to buy myself a new fan! It would be nice though if I had a lot of moohla and bought an airconditioning unit instead. But well, I don't. Hehehe! Guia spent the night with me and enjoyed our time together. Sleep is good... birthday's good... not just an ordinary day this is... it's my birthday.

Thursday, April 15, 2004


Last night, I got my gift from Guia! And boy, was I surprised! It's a Wacom Graphire 3 pen tablet! The best gift ever! I was planning to buy one since December, I think. But since I can bring home the one from the office, I thought I'd just take it home whenever I need it. Now, I have my own and I love it! Hehehe! Thanks to my ever dearest Guia! How I wish I could give her everything that I promised her... well, after the new project is through, I may be able to! Tomorrow will be my birthday, I wonder what's in store for me... hmm... looks like I'll have to wait!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

JENeration Gap

I used to think our generation was one of the luckiest and I’m proud to be part of it. 10 years have passed and it has changed a bit… now, I think we are the luckiest. Think about it… we have witnessed the evolution of entertainment! Take for example, the video gaming. Today’s generation never saw the beginning of one of the biggest industries today. The Atari. Our generation has seen Mario when he was just a few sprites and could do very little against King Koopa, or Pac-man when he was a mere yellow circle with a triangle sliced off. Now, these games can be downloaded and put into your phones… what?! Back then, we were stuck in front of the television, eyes burning with no, not passion or the desire to finish the game… but with tears… tears from looking at those bright colors too long! And being too close to the set because the controllers’ wires were too short! These days, children would laugh at the mere sight of these games. Games that are fun because of sheer game play! These days, it’s “Ooh… look at the pretty graphics!” Well, I can’t say I don’t enjoy today’s games. I do… but I find more appreciation in them than kids who has never seen what the past was like. For that, I am thankful.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Lately, I've been busy with work and I haven't been able to post regularly or even if I do find myself the time, never put my heart to it. Tomorrow will be the start of a long holiday! Thank God! I was feeling a bit restless these past few days and nights. I try to sleep early but I always wake up in the middle of the night and hard as I try, can't bring myself back to sleep. Hopefully, the coming days will be fruitful for me. I've been putting off the last of my K.I.A. pages. It's been two months (Gah!) I think since I last worked on it. I promised Marco (Dimaano) I could give it earlier than the set deadline, now, I just feel embarassed for not being able to. But enough of that, this weekend, I'm sure I'll finish it and submit it on Monday. Gotta budget my time, Need for Speed: Underground sure is taking a lot of my sweet time! Hehehe!
Last night, I went to see Guia's new house! It was nice and spacious... and white! It's been just two days since the family moved in and the house needs some interior decorations. I'm sure they'll be busy on the coming holidays. Hehe! I wondered when I could afford to have my own house. Sigh... I feel like I've been working forever and getting old. Progress sure is taking its time. I need to get out of this company. Two months ago, I submitted my resignation letter. The Boss wasn't pleased. He started talking about caring for the company and how people seem to just leave whenever they please and not think about the consequences for the company. To be honest, I was hurt to hear that. Imagine being accused of being apathetic. I had the urge to tell him that the only thing that made me stay this long is that same "pakikisama" he was talking about. I mean, I love working with these people, they are my friends. But I don't enjoy the type of work I'm doing here anymore. After a while, you think about yourself and the future... and here, you don't have one. I'm glad to have worked in this company, I was able to establish myself and make a name in this industry. For that, I am thankful. I am now ready to move on.

Monday, April 05, 2004

You're a star!

Last Saturday, we had a family reunion... the whole Rosero clan! I was surprised to see my cousins who all look older than I am! They're freakin' big! and get this... all in all, we are 76! Imagine that... you have 76 cousins! Well, they had a little show of talents, sort of a little Star Circle Quest. Without the judges, of course. Even more surprising is seeing some of my cousins who I thought was mahiyain, sing and dance in front of everyone! Will wonders never cease?! Good thing they didn't ask me to... ehem... perform. I knew I should've brought my CDs. hehehe!
After Splinter Cell, I am now a racer. Been playing Need For Speed: Underground non-stop. I was never a fan of racing games, it gets too repetitive and well, it bores me. I did play Midnight Club 2 but that's about it. NFS:U is different, It has varied gameplay. The drag events are particularly fun. I dunno if I could finish a game like this, I will try until it gets too old.

Friday, April 02, 2004

The Pain...

I have seen The Passion of the Christ last night. It's actually quite good as a movie. The visuals are really good, the colors are undersaturated at the right moments. Nothing stands out in crowd scenes, etc. Sometimes, it makes you feel like you're watching one of those Christ movies being shown every Holy Week... but better and more believable! The scourging invoked some twitching and unified cursing in the audience. Hehehe! I do hope the director, Mel Gibson, won't continue his plans on doing religious themed movies. It may transform The Passion into something commercial, just another one of those movies... it should stay the way it is... something special and unique. Clearly one of the movies that made an impression in my heart. It makes you feel that whenever you're in pain, physical pain, it is nothing compared to what Jesus has gone through. Shame on you.