Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Monday, April 05, 2004

You're a star!

Last Saturday, we had a family reunion... the whole Rosero clan! I was surprised to see my cousins who all look older than I am! They're freakin' big! and get this... all in all, we are 76! Imagine that... you have 76 cousins! Well, they had a little show of talents, sort of a little Star Circle Quest. Without the judges, of course. Even more surprising is seeing some of my cousins who I thought was mahiyain, sing and dance in front of everyone! Will wonders never cease?! Good thing they didn't ask me to... ehem... perform. I knew I should've brought my CDs. hehehe!
After Splinter Cell, I am now a racer. Been playing Need For Speed: Underground non-stop. I was never a fan of racing games, it gets too repetitive and well, it bores me. I did play Midnight Club 2 but that's about it. NFS:U is different, It has varied gameplay. The drag events are particularly fun. I dunno if I could finish a game like this, I will try until it gets too old.


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