Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Lately, I've been busy with work and I haven't been able to post regularly or even if I do find myself the time, never put my heart to it. Tomorrow will be the start of a long holiday! Thank God! I was feeling a bit restless these past few days and nights. I try to sleep early but I always wake up in the middle of the night and hard as I try, can't bring myself back to sleep. Hopefully, the coming days will be fruitful for me. I've been putting off the last of my K.I.A. pages. It's been two months (Gah!) I think since I last worked on it. I promised Marco (Dimaano) I could give it earlier than the set deadline, now, I just feel embarassed for not being able to. But enough of that, this weekend, I'm sure I'll finish it and submit it on Monday. Gotta budget my time, Need for Speed: Underground sure is taking a lot of my sweet time! Hehehe!
Last night, I went to see Guia's new house! It was nice and spacious... and white! It's been just two days since the family moved in and the house needs some interior decorations. I'm sure they'll be busy on the coming holidays. Hehe! I wondered when I could afford to have my own house. Sigh... I feel like I've been working forever and getting old. Progress sure is taking its time. I need to get out of this company. Two months ago, I submitted my resignation letter. The Boss wasn't pleased. He started talking about caring for the company and how people seem to just leave whenever they please and not think about the consequences for the company. To be honest, I was hurt to hear that. Imagine being accused of being apathetic. I had the urge to tell him that the only thing that made me stay this long is that same "pakikisama" he was talking about. I mean, I love working with these people, they are my friends. But I don't enjoy the type of work I'm doing here anymore. After a while, you think about yourself and the future... and here, you don't have one. I'm glad to have worked in this company, I was able to establish myself and make a name in this industry. For that, I am thankful. I am now ready to move on.


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