Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Hey, shorty, it's your birthday!

I had my birthday yesterday... it was an almost ordinary day but not quite. I woke up at around 11am. It was a well-deserved sleep after having countless sleepless nights. I made sure that on this special day, I'll pamper myself with sleep. Ironically, the last hours of my sleep were quite horrible... the heat is slowly filling my room and found myself suffocating! I hate it when the temperature rises like that. But 'twas not just any other day, 'twas my birthday and I would not let myself be let down by something as petty as this. I asked my Mom where they'd like to eat and decided to have it at Pizza Hut. My treat, after all, it IS my birthday (did I mention it was my birthday?). So off we go to the best place in the world (insert sarcasm here...) Grand Central! It was a good meal, we each had spagetti, pizza, cinnamon sticks (which is starting to be my favorite) and strawberry soda. Gah! We're full! After that, we checked out the friendly Muslims and got myself 2 dvd movies, Big Fish and Peter Pan. The afternoon was a bit more ordinary, the usual hours in front of the television, playing NFS:Underground. Guia and I are sipposed to go out after work hours, but she was not feeling so good, we decided to just stay home and probably watch my dvds... but soon after 4:30, she tells me she's okay and would love to spend the rest of the day with me! Jolly good!!! So there we are, eating the best spicy chicken wings at Yellow Cab (the second is probably Greenwich's Wacky Wings). We enjoyed dinner and went on to buy myself a new fan! It would be nice though if I had a lot of moohla and bought an airconditioning unit instead. But well, I don't. Hehehe! Guia spent the night with me and enjoyed our time together. Sleep is good... birthday's good... not just an ordinary day this is... it's my birthday.


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