Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Monday, November 28, 2005

Holiday Blues

While everyone will be spending their days off from work tomorrow, I will be working my ass off. A friend of mine posted something like this, the woes of working freelance. No Christmas bonus, no holidays, and let me add one more thing, no social life (this really isn't the case with everyone, of course, only WE make it so). The problem with me is: I sometimes don't know when to start working and when to stop. I know it's just discipline, but I guess I am missing the routine of a regular dayjob. A lot of people would give everything for a schedule like mine, but sometimes, it just wears you down. But I love my work, it's what keeps me doing what I do. In fact, I've forgotten about the money I'm earning with this kind of work... or maybe because it just slides off my hands without ever knowing what I did with it... at times, it's good money, sometimes, it's a mystery where it's gone. But what I love about my work is the freedom to express what I see in my mind, it doesn't always come out how I see it here but I try and it's pretty close. The interaction I have with my Boss, I never really liked the formalities between an employer and an employee, a student and a teacher (former classmates know this for a fact) and what I have now is a friendly interaction with the powers that be. It's good. I love how I control my own time, work while still being able to do what I want to do like watch TV, dvds, eat, etc. But lately, it's been a slow process... burned out? I hope not. Perhaps I just need to see something different for a change, go out, work on something new, do something different, whatever. Still, I gotta finish this... only a few pages left. And I'm loving how its turning out. So I dunno what's wrong with me. Oh well... back to the drawing board for me.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


I was never a fan of Harry Potter books and movies. The Prisoner of Azkaban movie promised to be darker and would appeal to more mature audiences. And although it was the best out of the 3 movies, it still wasn't enough to make me wanna watch it again and again (I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way with StarWars). But having seen the latest Potter movie last night, I must say that I love it. It's probably my next favorite movie of the year (so far) to Revenge of the Sith and Batman Begins. It's definitely darker, some images may even be disturbing to some and kudos to Ralph Fiennes for a chilling performance as Lord Voldemort (although the Voldemort "head" from Sorcerer's Stone looked nothing like the new one). But still, I am not a convert, in fact, the whole movie could actually do without Harry Potter. Just put in some generic character in his place and the movie would still be enjoyable. Hehe! For me, it had a slightly old fantasy-adventure film feel, perhaps that's why I liked it. Anyway, it's an enjoyable film and moviegoers should definitely not miss this one.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Today, November 16, I'll be one of the featured artists for Daily Deviants on! Cool news!
Yesterday, I got myself Anakin's Jedi Starfighter, it's available again at Toy Kingdom. The first time it came out, it sold out it's stocks. It's priced at P1,200, cheaper compared to specialty shops in Greenhills. The quality of this Starfighter is better than expected. The construction is solid and come's prepainted with battle scars and burns, additional stickers are included for more detail. Toy Kingdom is now selling new stocks of Episode 3 figures probably for the release of the DVD. Anyway, planning on visiting soon to check out even more figures that might be cheaper to get there.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Shocked but Unaffected

It seems the big news in entertainment today is the death of the Latino Heat, Eddie Guerrero. I've never been a fan of this testosterone filled soap opera... well, I've never been a fan of sports, period. But this came as a shock to me and quite honestly, took it with a bit of skepticism. I mean, it could be just another one of their weird (and sometimes absurd) storylines. But it's true and well, I just hope he's found happiness in the afterlife.
ROTS DVD is now out in video stores all over the Metro. It's priced at P900 for the usual Region 3 2-disc DVD. As with Episodes 1 and 2, the special features contained in the second disc are interesting and fun to watch. You should also check out the easter egg in the first disc where we see Yoda get his groove on. It's a fun clip to watch. And while you're watching easter eggs, check out the outtakes in Episodes 1 and 2. To access these: go to the OPTIONS menu and enter 11-3-8 (from George Lucas' student film THX 1138) and enjoy.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Finally! The Circle is Complete!

Since November 1, I've been eagerly awaiting the release of Revenge of the Sith DVD here in the Phils. It was announced to be out on the 9th but was rumored to have been pushed to the 16th, the VCD is already out though. Earlier in the day, due to a cancelled family appointment, I went to the mall to check again, the video people sez they weren't advised when the dvd will be out but definitely, it'll be next week. Darn it, I can't wait that long! Now, I've been a member of a local DVD forum and saved a couple of numbers whom I can get copies of dvds, I just didn't order earlier because I thought I might wait longer for the shipment than to just wait for the local release, but today, I decided to ask if he still has a copy. And luckily, he has a sealed Region 1 Widescreen Edition ROTS still finding an impatient collector to own it. After a few texts and an hour and a half later, here it is! (yes! that quick!) The prequel is now complete! All I have to wait for now is waking up in the afternoon to watch it with the volume up! That's how it's supposed to be seen and heard. I am a lucky guy today... now, back to work! The Force is with me!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pixelized Parker?!

Nope, this isn't a No Man's Land game... this is from Soul Calibur 3's create a character mode. I haven't unlocked all the items yet but this is what I have come up with the few items and costumes available from the start. I know it needs improvement but once you see this figure in action and maybe squint a little, you MAY believe this is actually Parker... uhm, with a sword (a vision of things to come?!). Calling all toy companies, a John Parker toy variation! Medieval Parker versus Shogun Doyle Bakerton! Mecha Cherokee Bill sold separately.
Well, I do hope that we'll see a No Man's Land game in the future, maybe for the next gen consoles like the PS3... hmm...

Sunday, November 06, 2005

3 Days to Go!

Can't wait for the 9th!!! I'm itching to get my hands on Revenge of the Sith. I've been watching Episodes 1 and 2 and all it's features. A sort of review before watching ROTS. Hehehe! In the meantime, I better finish up on No Man's Land Volume 2... just a few more pages to go and I'm done! I sure wish this was finished earlier but we can't sacrifice quality over quantity!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sith Report

November 1… when I first opened my eyes, the first thing on my mind was getting Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith on DVD. It’s released in the States today so it should be available already, maybe even earlier like the case with Batman Begins. I scoured the malls and found nothing. I asked the salesladies of Tower, Odyssey, Astroplus, Video City, etc… they know nothing. All they knew was that it was coming this November. On my way out though, I saw a poster saying that it’ll be released on November 9. Damn it! Anyway, I was partly pissed when I saw a copy of Batman Begins Deluxe Edition. It had a comic book adaptation of the movie and features a holographic box cover (or something like that) and it sells for P550!!! I got my ordinary 2 disc copy for P499!!! Just P50! That made me furious! Well, not really, but it was a major bummer since the difference was P50. It they sold it for P800 then I would be fine with it. But nooo…. Sigh… sometimes; it’s not good being an early bird. Such is the case with high tech gadgets. Buy early and you get a lot of bugs. Damn, I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the DVD. Speaking of dvds and related stuff… Abensons is having a big sale on Home Theaters, some even sell for P9000!!! Unbelievable! I wish I got mine for that price but hell, I love my HT. The glass panel front oozes class and looks damn good! Aesthetics, I'm all for that.

Listening to: Guns and Roses (Am I that old already?!)

Craving for: Buchi (weird, I never liked those but one time, there was nothing good to eat at home ‘cept for a ball of bucchi… I liked it)