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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Put the Cat Back in the Hat! Please!!!

We watched Catwoman earlier... I was expecting more from this movie but it just plain sucked! The backstory was good, having Catwomen across history but I guess the team that did this movie just aint up for the task. The CGs look exactly like that... CG! And the story... well, it's stupid! The movie just wanted to show Halle Berry's body, I think. And you don't get a lot since most of her scenes as Catwoman are done in CG! Anyway, that's just my opinion... go watch it if you like.
I took a break from manga work earlier to pay for my celphone bills and just walk around the mall. The usual places, Cyberzone and Appliance stores... looking at the next target. Damn, I fell in love with a tv again... I know, I just bought a new one but this... this beauty is really something! A Philips Flat HDTV! The pictures are crystal clear and well... if you buy it, you're wallet and bank account will surely be cleared of any traces of MONEY! Damn! Well, dreaming is always free...


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