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Friday, August 20, 2004

Lodoss Wars

Good old anime...

Back then, when anime was basically an unknown genre, this was my favorite of all. It had pretty visuals, interesting LOTR-like story and lovable characters. Earlier, I bought the DVD set and was excited to have a little reminiscing on those good old days. I stopped watching anime since it got oversaturated in the local channels and when I started working on n anmie magazine. It was too much. Hehehe! Anyway, while watching it... I realized how old this video is! It looks really dated, not like what I remembered it to be. But well, It IS old and it still is the same story so I still enjoyed it. But deep inside me, there was this feeling of "I should've gotten a newer one." But you know, they don't make these kind of masterpieces anymore so it's here to stay. I'll probably come back and get something new. Maybe some of those I enjoyed in those years, Akira, Blood, Jin-Roh, Perfect Blue, Vampire Hunter D... the dark ones. It'll be a blast! Posted by Hello


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