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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Exilim Z40

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I've been meaning to buy a digital camera... I've always been interested in taking photographs since college and well, I decided to continue this little passion I have. But film developing expenses and the waiting time made it a bit undesirable for me, especially right now that I don't get to go out that much. But now there is a way, get a digital camera. The quality will never be like that of a conventional film camera but it's fast and will be enough to satisfy my hunger for artsy still images. Well, give me a month or two and I'll get this beauty! Hehe!
This manga project is still a long way to go but everything's going quite well. I'm on a steady 2 pages a day(pencilled-inked-toned). And between that, study Painter 8... it's a pretty cool program, but a bit too complicated for starters. First, you'd have to think like a painter because the tools here act like what traditional painters use in the real world. Pretty cool but you'd have to have a pumped up computer to be able to get a big digital painting done. It is a real memory hog. Anyway, I hope I can post my first finished Painter digital drawing at Deviantart.
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