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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

I love how it looks!

This movie certainly caused quite a stir between anime fans and haters. Hehehe! Read on... LINK
Now for my own views. Even though I am an artist using anime/manga as an inspiration, not everything in this genre is gold. I usually prefer the old anime OAVS and movies over new ones. There are of course, exceptions. But I've grown tired of watching these shows. And most people generalize anime as drawings having big eyes and stuff, I have been on a debate regarding this with my college professor who thinks anime as an art form is trash. I was of course, insulted! One: I draw better than her. And two: who is she to judge it?! But it was not in defense of anime, it was a feeling drawn out from me as an artist. I'm sure I'll get violent reactions from her if I say that Picasso's art is crap (which I don't, mind you... well, part of me does but who am I?!)! So right after the exams, I gave her a copy of Jin-Roh, which she hopefully watched and changed her views on anime even for just a little. I should've given her Grave of the Fireflies, that almost always gets into the heart of ladies, makes 'em forget it was actually anime they're watching. There are good things from anime and American (any country) movies, but not all. We just have to go out of our biases when watching these. I love movies, that's it!
I used to watch the old Superman animation every afternoons after school. I loved it and considers it better than the Batman:animated series clones we have today (some Teen Titans episodes were good). The first one was okay though. Anyway, no time for cartoons now, I'm going back to my manga duties. Posted by Hello


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