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Monday, September 27, 2004

The PSTwo

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Like what Sony did with the PSOne, this November, we'll be seeing the new PSTwo hit the stores. The size difference from the original PS2 is a lot! The weight of the console has been cut in half, thickness by 60%, overall, internal volume has been reduced by75%! Would you believe?! Why the hell didn't they just manufacture the PS2 this way when they first came out withit. Hehe! I just love the new look! But the news say that not all games can be played in this. Hmm... makes me think if the guys at Virramall will do some modifications with this new unit. And what "games" will work. Hehe! Iguess we'lljust have to find out for ourselves. But for me, I don't think I'll get this if it means I'm gonna have to narrow down my game choices. But priced at $149, it's a bargain! That would really give me something to think about. It will be a great piece in my soon-to-be constructed upper floor room all for myself. Nyehehe!
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