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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Boss, DVD?!

My mom and I went to the mall and was thinking of watching a movie. After eating great pasta at Sbarro, we decided to watch I,Robot instead of Imelda Marcos. And I'm glad we did since we enjoyed the movie! I, Robot wasn't bad, it actually reminded me of the atmosphere of Minority Report, another movie I enjoyed, I even clapped my hands after the movie...  and A.I. It was fun and there was a bit of mystery involved. Will Smith's part could've been played by another but he was okay... he wasn't too smug in this movie. Anyway, I'll be waitingfor this movie in DVD. 
Speaking of DVDs, I passed by the nearest DVD shop and found a good variety of anime DVDs. Usually sold in sets, you'll find good series like Inu Yasha, KareKano, Gungrave, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, GTO, Wolf's Rain, etc. I was interested in buying GITS but thought better to wait until I get back from an outing we have planned this weekend. I haven't watched anime since I got into work. Which is weird since I worked at an anime magazine, I guess I got sick of it. It was too much for me.
Well, better get my things ready...


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