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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Tense TV

Earlier, I watched an episode of The Apprentice. Due to my hectic schedule (even when working at home) doing manga, I haven't been able to watch these shows regularly with the exception of Late Night with ConanO'Brien. The episode earlier was when Apex and Mosaic Corporations designed a bottle and marketing plan for a new Pepsi product called Pepsi EDGE. It apparently has the full flavor of regular Pepsi but with less calories (Diet Pepsi). They were asked to design a bottle to suit this new produc and image. I was particularly impressed with the Apex' design, with Mosaic's however, it was absurd. They missed the point of the product and took the catch phrase they thought of literally, "The best of both worlds!" And designed a bottle with a globe for design and even had a compass in the bottle cap. It was hilarious! Hehe! In the end, the project manager was fired due to his lack of self-defense when confronted by the two women he's working with. It was really tense and I enjoyed watching every minute of it since it took me to those years we were in college thinking about the same things. How to market this and that, design a new this and that. It was something I really missed. Bit hell, I enjoy doing what I do now.
Speaking of which, I'm finishing my contribution to Marco Dimaano's KIA. I must admit, it was long overdue. But I had my own deadlines to finish for NML so it really had to wait. I do hope to finish it before we start doing NML Vol. 2... which should be this week. Sigh. Busy late nights are here again for sure!


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