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Monday, October 09, 2006


I'm a big Rivermaya fan. No band I know has endured so much change in their history, both in their lineup and style. Rvermaya is one of the bands that made me support Filipino bands by buying original cassettes (high school, di ko pa kaya bumili ng CDs nun e.)and CDs. While I loved Rivermaya when Bamboo was still their vocalist, it was Rico Blanco's raw style that made me a fan... he was less "ballad-y".
3 years ago, "Between the Stars and Waves" was released. I loved it even though it sounded too much like Coldplay (who I also love listening to), I listened to it everyday until I can hum it in my head without thinking about it. I went to the record stores last October 3 to get myself a copy of Isang Ugat, Isang Dugo but I guess the release date was pushed further to October 10 or 11 according to the store. Damn! Today, I got myself a preview of 5 tracks in the album, all seemed like covers of other great bands' songs. Though they sounded great, I guess I was a little disappointed not hearing original Rivermaya compositions. But they really are good songs! Oh well, I'll still buy it, it IS Rivermaya. So guys, keep it up and hopefully, in a year's time, You'll have another album out, with original songs! You're still my favorite band! Let me know if you need an artist! Hehe! Shameless plug.

Favorite Rivermaya album: Free and It's not Easy Being Green

When I got my PLDTMyDSL, I was surprised with how fast it is, and how it can handle multiple downloads while browsing and watching internet tv at the same time without lags, etc. But after the typhoon Milenyo, it became slower, browsing is like using dialup, downloads now take 3-5 hours compared to less than an hour before the typhoon. Mny people are complaining about the service of PLDT, and I thought I was just lucky to have a stable, fast connection. But now, I understand their plight... nd I'm just not lucky when it comes to internet. My friend Belo who lives in the States, always told me the DSL here here slower than theirs even with the same speed plan. Which really solidifies the fact that here in the Philippines, we get BAD service in anything. It's the Pinoys' contentment of substandard things, the "pwede na yan" mentality that really makes companies abuse us and treat us like money cows. So I decided to make a list of Pinoy Substandard Services, feel free to tag yourselves and make your own lists. Everything here is crappy but I'll make a specific list.

Substandard/Crappy services/things in the Philippines:
- Smart BRO (talagang uunahin ko 'yan)
- Filipino foods (here's the deal with our food: Mix all the ingredients together, stir, DONE!), I love Caldereta though.
- ALL Government services. Try getting yourselves your SSS IDs, postal IDs, Birth Cert, etc.
- Claiming warranties on appliances/electronics, companies must be thinking, "You're not going to pay for it anyway so we'll treat you like CRAP."
- Fastfood restaurants' bird-sized servings
- Local TOYS... like PANDAY merchandise. Candle-makers beside the church are better at it.
- Buses (they're moving trash trucks with passengers, filled with roaches most of them)
- DSL (All DSL providers have complaints from their users so I guess it doesn't matter which provider you're in, we're all doomed... but Smart BRO wins by being the crappiest of them all.)

The Pinoys' selfishness. Some people would risk the safety of others just to get extra money. Example is fake cement or cement mixed with flour just to have more sacks to sell. That is just low. (I watch ABS-CBN's XXX to see how crappy Pinoys are just to get extra income.)
It may seem like I hate Pinoys but I don't. Actually, I WAS proud to be Pinoy but seeing things like this, it just makes me sink into shame. We Pinoys, we have to admit that we really don't have discipline in a lot of things.

BTW, one general rule here IS... DO NOT FALL IN LINE BEHIND AN OLD LADY! That's a proven fact! They're divas, they expect to be treated special, they are rude and impolite. STAY AWAY FROM OLD LADIES!


  • stay away from old ladies especially in a fastfood store. when it's their turn, they'll interview the cashier about every food item they have before finally choosing and when the cashier rings up their bill, they'll whip out their senior citizen's ID, prompting the cashier to call the manager to verify and re-do the bill again.

    By Blogger meowok, at 10:08 AM  

  • Damn right! Nakakainis ung mga ganon, saka lang isip kung ano order when thyre in front of the cashier na. I always think about it when I'm in line so I won't take too long... well, except kung magnda ung cashier... then I'd take longer. hehe!

    By Blogger 2ngaw, at 10:12 AM  

  • Alam ba ni Guia yang gawain mo na yan sa mga pretty cashiers hmmm? Matino MyDSL sakin ah, bumagal ba? I don't notice any dif.

    By Blogger addison, at 11:23 AM  

  • 1. old ladies... lalo na sa mercury drug since most of them buy a lot of meds kasi marami na silang sakit. saka sa jollibee kasi usually ililibre nila ang sangkatutak nilang apo and they never have the order ready BWFORE it's their turn at the counter.

    2. MyDSL... been there done that... umalis ako nung mabilis pa ang bago nilang 512k connection. that was years ago. di ba bryan and dj were also complaining about their lousy service nung nasa Q pa kayo? personally, ok na ako sa ZPDEE. mabilis sya, pero di available sa maraming area where maraming illegal connection.

    By Blogger giehar, at 12:35 PM  

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