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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sad Day

It's a sad day today at the ABS-CBN camp. More or less 79 people were killed and hundreds wounded in a stampede early morning before the first year anniversary show even started. I've been watching Wowowee for months now because I truly feel that the show helps a lot of people in need. And the show is always fresh having ordinary people showcase their talents or lack thereof... but it's still a fun show to watch. And I truly feel happy for those people they have helped and here, we can truly see how a true pinoy acts towards their fellow pinoys. There was a time when I cried watching it, a labandera who competed against the regular contestant (Bigat10) asked for a balato from the contestant, just enough for a ride home. Willie asked how much she needed and she honestly said, Just P50 will be enough. And the contestant politely answered, I'll give you P100, no problem. And then, the most amazing thing happened, people lined up and gave the woman money, in dollars, peso, everything! They hugged her, kissed her, I guess they were touched with her honestly as I was. And I cried having witnessed what a true Pinoy can do to help others. How I wished our politicians were like them. So I support this show 100%. I'd rather watch ordinary people dance and sing and bring a smile to my face than watch some old comedians act GAY everyday.
Let's all pray for those who died and the families they left.


  • you watch the show cos it helps people? and here i thought you watched it cos of iya villania. :p

    By Blogger meowok, at 9:45 AM  

  • about the tragedy... it's a sad thing that all those people died. i don't blame the show itself. but i think it is abs-cbn, or the greedy culture of abs-cbn, which is at fault.
    oo, tumutulong nga sila pero yung tulong nila, gusto nila may kapalit. they wanted to be on top of the ratings game once again kaya hinype nila ng hinype yung anniv. con todo announce ba naman na mamimigay ng 20,000 entrance pa lang tapos bahay, taxi, tricycle, etc. malamang dudumugin yun sa hirap ng buhay ngayon. it was gross negligence on their part fed by their greed at ayan, tinamaan sila ng karma.

    By Blogger meowok, at 9:49 AM  

  • Heheh! Masaya syang show e. Not just because they help people, but it's really just a fun show. And pretty girls dun especially Iya and Janelle's legs. Hehehe! ABS was greedy, pero and tunay na may fault jan ung mga tao mismo, sure may pagkukulang ang police (who doesnt know CPR and first aid), security at ABS, pero ultimately, ung mga tao ang may kagagawan din nun. The authorities just dont want to blame it on people who just died or ung mga taong nakapila dun lalo na ung mga nasa likod. Mejo nagalit rin ako when I saw the news. Ung kwento nung guy na nagjojogging, about ung nagkanya-kanya na ung mga tao kaya kahit may matapakan silang patay, instead of stopping, they pushed through. That is just heartbreaking.

    By Blogger 2ngaw, at 12:49 PM  

  • i dunno if this is right, but naturally, filipinos aren't disciplined... pila lang, hindi maayos-ayos. well, hindi lahat syempre...

    By Blogger +shadow+, at 10:13 PM  

  • totoo din yun. gago kasi yung mga jologs na hindi na nga sila pumila at wala silang ticket, nagpumilit pang pumasok.
    hindi na out of desperation yun e, out of katamaran na rin. meron kasing mga tao na kina-career ang game show. di na nagtatrabaho, balik na lang ng balik dun.
    ang ayoko sa masa (and not to sound elitist here) is that they feel that karapatan nila palagi yung humingi sila ng tulong sa iba just cos they feel others are well-off and should share the wealth. e hello, pinaghirapan naman yung pera na yun. dapat sila kumayod din.
    ----> angry kitty :p

    By Blogger meowok, at 10:50 AM  

  • Tama yan! Pero talagang gago si JDL. Insensitive prick.

    By Blogger 2ngaw, at 12:02 PM  

  • er, what did JDL say?

    anyway, kwento ng mga volunteers na pumunta sa arlington to give counseling and some cash to some of the victims (this money isn't part of the settlement pa)...

    -biglang dumami ang mga kamaganak ng mga patay na kailangan samahan ang body sa province. kung nung dati asawa lang dapat kasama e biglang si tita, tito, pamangkin, kuya, ate, inaanak, etc. (in other words, buong barangay) na biglang kasama.

    -narinig nila ang mga relatives na ginagatungan ung wife. sinabihan na i-claim that the husband was carrying his entire salary when he died and kailangan i-compensate pa un.

    -nagdrama at pinilit ang kawawang volunteers na bilhan sila ng pagkain. the employees shelled out their own money to pay for 50 jollibee meals.

    sigh. pati ba naman eto e gawing money-making scheme?

    By Blogger cherry-flavored ampalaya, at 3:34 PM  

  • Sigh! Pinoys.

    By Blogger 2ngaw, at 11:32 PM  

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