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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Of Mascots and Men

Little known facts about me:

1. I was once Mocchi the mascot from Monster Rancher. Too bad I don't have a picture but it sure was fun while I was inside the suit. I felt liberated and had no shame whatsoever. I approached kids, more kids and of course... the ladies! Heheh! But afetr the gig, when I took off the suit, I was smelling like a used sock, all sweaty and smelly. And after that, I had a date. Haha!
2. I watch Pinoy Big Brother... and wanting to buy the DVD Collection. (DONE)
3. My friends and I used to play American Football with a piece of dried wood as our football. Soon after, we bought ourselves a professional-sized ball, but stopped playing almost immediately since the ball was too big for us.
4. My Nintendo Famicom was a prize from a Hero Designing contest where I got my first job at 14 years old.
5. I used to pamper my hair. Having hot oil treatments every month/every other month. And I had red highlights once when I was treated with Cellophane, I didn't know it had color. Now, I have receding hairline but I still love my hair.
6. I finish games in a day if it's really good.
7. I used to have a lot of shoes. Now, they're replaced by DVDs and toys.
8. I usually run out of spending money.
9. I don't wear denim jeans.
10. I unconsciously collect FHM Phils mags.
11. The first CD I bought was TakeThat Greatest Hits, first cassette was A Dozen Alternatives
12. I don't like fish
13. I don't like my rice mixed with the viands.
14. I don't like smelly hands.
15. I hate sweating. I hate hot weather, I'd rather have it cold and wear jackets. At least you can do something about the cold, with hot weather, strip and you dont have more options to cool yourself down.

After reading that... who cares, right?


  • "I usually run out of spending money." siguro, di na ngayon dahil mayaman ka na ha ha!

    By Anonymous j soriano, at 6:28 PM  

  • salanat at pinamana mo sa akin yung take that greatest hits. san na nga ba yung cd na yun at mapatugtog...

    By Blogger meowok, at 11:40 AM  

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