Confessions of a Dangerous Hand

Monday, May 18, 2009


Due to my frustration with the sluggish Windows Vista (it came with the HP computer I bought last year), I decided to take part on the testing of Windows 7 with its Release Candidate. So far, so good. It's definitely faster, boot up, shut down, programs and windows load and close much faster. It's also quite easy to use. I was having second thoughts on installing it since it's not the final product yet but instead of waiting for me to throw my whole system out the window with Vista, I just dove in and I'm glad I did. Visually, it's not that different from Vista, though it has a few aesthetic tweaks. All my programs and files from Vista were carried over to 7 without a hitch, I did back up my files before taking the plunge to be safe. Anyway, this Release Candidate can be used for free until June 1. 2010. By that time, I might've bought the final release so no worries. We'll see, hope this one could live up to people's expectations.


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