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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tempus Fugit

March 22, 2009 ...

To our dear Tito Ante, we will sincerely miss you. Your time with us sure was short. We will never forget you.

I remember the time some car broke your rear lights, I didn't react. I told you, in my usual reserved way, "Tito Ante, some car smashed your rear lights." At first, you thought I was joking... but then, I rarely kid... when you checked, they were really broken. We went round and round the streets trying to find the culprit. But we didn't catch them. My fault, sorry for that. When I heard you had a stroke, comatose and in critical condition... I still didn't react... not because I am being my usual reserved way... but I was just unable to. I just don't know how to.

You were my father's best friend. I can feel he is deeply saddened with what happened. You will be a constant reminder that time is short, live each day as if it's your last. Take care of yourselves,each other, talk to your loved ones, let them know how precious they are to you, how much you love them and how much we will miss them. I do miss my family, and I do wish I was there. For now, my dear Tito, may you rest in peace. And may you watch over Tita Lucy and Franz, as you always have when you were still with us. We will miss your laugh, your jokes, the warmth every time you were around.

We will always mention you in our prayers. We love you, We will miss you.

Listening to: Arcade Fire's "WAKE UP"


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