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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Prince of Persia

Hey all.... or should I say, to both of you who read this blog.

I've been playing the new Prince of Persia lately and all I can say is... beautiful! One of the most relaxing, enjoyable games I've played in a while. The visuals is absolutely gorgeous! People have complained about the gameplay, how easy it is... I don't mind at all, in my eyes, Ubisoft has gotten rid of loading screens whenever you die and gotten rid of the frustration recent games come with. It's the same, only presented better and made it more seamless. You still "die" and get taken back to a checkpoint, it's the same. The bosses sure are easy, but it's still okay, the finishing time for bosses vary, depending on the time you figure out how to kill them, it's just like a real fight (though a bit repetitive), there is no definite time to kill a boss. And if you fail to succeed with some attacks, you "die", though not presented like that, it shows Elika saving you with light, and the boss recovers some of their HP. It's the same as other games, but presented differently. Seriously, it's fun and very pleasant. The only complaint I have is sometimes, the music stops, then starts over again... it's not a seamless track. But beautiful as well.

Oh, and Elika is hawt!

UPDATE: Finished the game... disappointing... big time.


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