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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Time to Change Networks?

After being a GLOBE subscriber since 1998, I guess it's time to change networks and look for the lesser evil between rival networks. I guess I can call myself a Globe loyalist for sticking with them after all these years. But lately, I have been ticked off with how greedy they are. Before, I was on postpaid but after around a year or 2, I decided to switch back to prepaid, all was good, it was the practical thing to do. Then Unlimited texting started and me and my girl have been using the service since it started. Even though the rates of unlimited texting went up, we had no choice but to comply. It's okay. But lately, I have been really pissed at GLOBE! REALLY PISSED because whenever we load through Autoload Max, Globe keeps eating it up in a matter of seconds. Yes, SECONDS! The other day, my mom loaded P15, after a few seconds, Globe sent 3 notices of FREE stuff. when she was about to use the load she just loaded, her messages won't send. She then checked her balance and it was all GONE. In a matter of seconds, she didn't even have the chance to use them. The other day, I tried loading and see if it happens to me too. I have several more credits, but I decided to load P20. Okay, got it... a few steps from the loading shop, I called my girl... and guess what Globe told me while I was calling... "Your Balance is BELOW P20, Please reload soon to enjoy Globe's services..." WHAAAAT?! And I had more than P20 a few minutes ago! And I was using Globe's Unlimitxt promo too and only text Globe subscribers. I loaded another P100 and STILL enrolled with Unlimitxt. And my load just keeps bleeding out even with Unlimited Texting service... what's up with that?! So I decided to switch to another network... probably tomorrow. I'm sick of you, GLOBE! You lost a loyalist.


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