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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Well, it's Transformers fever all over the world! Sure, many have dissed the movie's take on our beloved Transformers but you know you'll still watch it. Me however, it doesn't really matter, the designers have taken it to the next step. I'm sure when people watch it, they'll realize that underneath those expressionless metal faces, they will no doubt make you feel that they have feelings too. They talk after all, except for Bumblebee, according to the toy packaging. And what is Transformers without the toys? While I curse Hasbro with what they did with the Marvel toy franchise (cheap plastic, sloppy paints, bad proportions, pricey), I applaud them for this line of toys. How can you not love them? they look good as cars and when in robot form, about 85-90% movie accurate in details and transformation. I do love Optimus Prime, but Bumblebee is my favorite here. And I realized, my Nike Free 7.0 kinda looks like bumblebee in "shoe form." Hehe! Here's a pic of what I got so far... a brotherhood of Bumblebees. The Camaro Concept version is a pain to transform, the label sez he's a Level 3 transformation difficulty with the highest being 4... I wonder who that level 4 could be, must be Prime. In a couple of months, a an Ultimate Bumblebee toy will come out, it's more detailed but the chest part isn't as accurate as the Deluxe Class toy pictured above. The chest conversion is much better there. I'm sure it's a very sweat-inducing puzzle to do.

1.) Bumblebee Unleashed
2.) Bumblebee Chevrolet Camaro Concept 2009
3.) Bumblebee Chevrolet Camaro 1977 (?)
4.) Bumblebee (slightly poseable) keychain

I can't wait for the movie. I'm not looking for a deep movie, I just want to see giant robots in action, transforming from cars to robots.
Meanwhile... time to check out the Transformers toys in Jollibee Kiddie Meals.


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