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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Wow! An Update!

Well, I've been waiting for something worthwhile to post here. It's been months since my last update and last night, I found a topic that really made me want to share here.


By now, most of my friends have seen the movie and I'm pretty sure that they all agree, this is a kick-ass movie! Inspired my Frank Miller's graphic novel of the same name. While I am not really a fan of Miller's work due to personal taste... his visuals are really stunningly creative. I guess the narrative style isn't really for me. The Sin City movie, while impressive in its visuals, bored me to tears. I even fell asleep in the theaters... the graphic novel did the same to me. Even now, I haven't seen Sin City in its entirety 'coz I just can't stay up. Again, its just me. I have read 300 before and its probably the only Miller book I ever finished. And seeing the movie really blew me away. It was really something new to me. Sure, the modern film-making techniques are all present here... but how it was handled in each scene was visually arresting. Some scenes are quite sexy too. It also helped that the story/script is a a bit humorous. And sometimes, the absurdity of the character designs just put a smile on my face... in a good way. This is fantasy and reality rolled into one epic bad-ass movie.
Well, don't take my word for it, go watch it and maybe, someday, we will all dine in hell... knock on wood.

Soon, I'll be re-formatting this blog into a sort of artist blog... or maybe I'll just make an entirely different blog for my artworks and stuff for work... we'll see if I can maintain something like that. People have been asking if I have an aert blog where I post my works, tutorials, project production, etc... I can't direct them here where I talk about anything without any sense. We'll see what happens in the next weeks. Thanks for checking in, friends.


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