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Thursday, September 14, 2006


My baby, a Shuttle XPC SB61GH running on Intel P4 3.4Ghz. I can't live without my little black box. * One Piece wallpaper from Arnistotle's gallery at Good stuff!

After hearing of my plight with Smart BROke, my friend Meowok suggested we send out a chain email to warn people of Smart BRO. So I made a chain email and sent it out to my little network of friends. Thanks to my friends who sent out my email. Fortunately, she knows someone who works for Smart and he forwarded it to them. And in 2 days, they replied. Telling me the same things I hear whenever I call their hotline. It reads suspiciously like an auto-generated reply. But it was too late, I was fed up and immediately applied for discontinuation of service and possible refund of the initial payment I gave. The lesson is, never hesitate to make yourselves heard. We are paying for the services we should get and failure to deliver requires consequences. I know I am only one of their thousands, if not millions of Smart BROke subscribers, but if they can do this to me, they can certainly fool thousands more. Which brings me to another thought, why can't we have good, quality services here in the Philippines?! Everything here seems to be substandard. You see it in the news, in the papers, the internet. Apply for anything in government offices and you'll see what I mean. People who work in these offices seem to think they are the most important people on the planet. They enjoy seeing other people suffer while they sit around in their airconditioned rooms. Post offices, like the one in Caloocan is a big dump. The building seems deserted, trash everywhere, holes in the walls and ceilings... and the people working there, corrupt. It really isn't a wonder why people would want to migrate to other countries, even in war-torn countries, just not here. It's too bad, I wanted to love this place. But the people here are just hopeless. No discipline, selfish, corrupt, lazy. This country will never grow.

* Having Public Urinals is the most pathetic thing in the world.


  • Re: One ugly country... That is what we see in our work here... Parang madaming tao ang sawa na sa pinas.
    Re: Smart... Pareho pala kami ni Bams na yun ang isa sa blogposts. Si Art finorward din chainmail mo sa kakilala nya sa Smart. Aliw... :D

    By Blogger igor, at 10:09 PM  

  • Bitter much repakols? Di na natuloy meeting natin. Mejo swamped sa work

    By Blogger addison, at 1:56 AM  

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