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Monday, September 11, 2006


To the victims and families of the 9/11 WTC attack, may you have peace, justice and a meaningful remembrance of the day that changed the whole world. My prayers are with you.

It's almost a week since I've LOST my SMART BROke connection. They still haven't fixed the problem. So to people planning on getting their so-called SERVICE, FORGET IT!!! Walang kwenta ang Smart BRO! As in wala talaga! I hope NTC will get their(Smart BROke's)service closed down. They are just fooling people, and they have the nerve to offer PANGKABUHAYAN PACKAGES?! Baka mamatay lang ung magnenegosyo nun! Batuhin sila ng customers nila. I certainly want to do that to SMART! Right now, dial-up is more reliable than Smart BROke. What can I do to stop people from getting this awful DSL...
if only I have enough money to advetise a complaint and a warning on newspapers, I'd certainly do that without hesitation. I WANT TO BRING DOWN SMART BRO!
SMART BROke: Amusing Wireless Internet. 7x slower than dial-up! Intermittent connection ALL DAY! A week of No Connectivity! LOCK-IN period of one year! For 1 year, get connected for a total of 1 month! Amusing!


  • Awww kaya pala MIA ka sa messenger...
    Bulok talaga... I wonder who's managing that system?
    So BAD!

    By Blogger Gem :3, at 11:06 AM  

  • hmmm, happy ending na kaya ang iyong broadband woes? :D

    By Blogger meowok, at 3:34 PM  

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